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Part 6 (Magicia)

Part 6

Daadi scared .. To hell really ' What will Maan ask now , The girls family surely think Maan is groom .. Wow to her luck ..let it be' What maan is going ask and if he ask some ulta pulta ..who else know Maan better

If he ask some ulta pulta now and even if Brij looks like a lamp now ..but punjab the puttar will defenitely turn anytime '. Sherey punjab ' any weird signal from their side they cant reach delhi safe and sound '.

What the hell Maan want to ask ..NO CLUE ..and Maan asking ..

And Dev's Face '''.OHHH RAMA 'mujey kaha fasa diya ..mujey merey hee jaal pe bas liya 'RAMA RAMA '.she was sweating profucely which did not went unnoticed by darji ' he started to stare her 'which savitri took as unpleasance from brides side ..are have any clue whats going ..

And what each of her weird Khurana Chrag .think '..ofcourse Savitri definitely had the opinion both on Khandan ka chirag as weird only LOL..

She never ever scared this much in her life ..

Now nothing can be done ..only one think left the 'vajrayudh' ..Daadi fainted '

Daadi ..Maan and Dev together in a moment hold her saving from her falling down ..

Yes she needed time to sort things out ..

Geet who was standing numb after seeing Maan '

Don't know what to do ..

Seeing her standing like a statue , thaiji greatly disappointed she should have acted smart .. From where she get better chance to prove herself as good bahu ..stupid girl what she is doing , losing her chance to mpress the ladkeyvaley .. Before they get badly impressed ' better she not in their sight ' she slowly pushed Geet and asked Rajji to take her room

Thaiji thought she may be shocked seeing the old lady fainted .

Oh god What an Apshakun what will happen now..

Everybody took Dadi to nearby guestroom .. Doctor arrived '

Doctor shouted everyone to go out ..its village the stupid villagers always do such things instead of making patient relax they gather and suffocate '

Everybody was waiting for him..


Geets room ..

Geet was terrified to see Maan she never thought she will ever meet him again ..

In her life '

And he came here in her house that too ..proposal to get married ..

Hope just sprinkled in her mind 'What if he traced her and 'but how can he '

And that type of person trace her ' but she wished to believe positively ..he traced her out ..he seem big businessman that day too ., he was with body gaurds and all .

Rajji who was 14 was not able to control her curiosity to know about daadi and she already gone ..

Geet stood and locked her room , and slowly bent down after a thousand thought

And took an old box from below her bed and opened it .

It has some dolls autograph boos , clearly her memory treasurebox ..and from beneath she took out a waist cot ..

She opened it and just imagines how sexily it cuddles around his strong body ..

She smiled '


At daadis Room ..Ofcourse her dard baree khanees she patayed Doctor ..Doctor called her Both Pothas and Told she just had high BP attack ( oyee medicos forgive this engineer) she is very week heart They have to be careful . otherwise ...he stopped ..

Please dont give her any tension doctor pleaded ..very bad actor ..why he need to plead ...who cares ,..

Dev really got sad ...The biggets day in his life ...and ..his Daadi .. his eyes filled with tears ...

Maan should get suspecious ..because his nature but now he not in mood to go for detective Maan singh Khurana mood after seeing Geet ...he now know her name ,..

and daadi ..

Doctor asked Dev and and Maan to go and meet their Dadi ..

he did not forget to add ..Inhey ab daon ka nahee duan ka zarroorath hi ..

bringing tears in alls eyes gathered there

Dev gone and hugged daadi ..

he called daadi crie d..(speechless ..)


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