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Introduction How it started …

Posted: 23 October 2011 at 3:30pm | IP Logged

Me and my friends are playing a silly game i used to play during powercuts in india on my college days .the game is .like one person start a story .. she can continue as much as she want .. or she can take a character and continue and when she stop the other person need to complete it that ..

Me Magicia starting it with Speechless ...

One more person i send invite ..she join us or not no idea , ..we starting it ..and softly spoken joined us ...

so character sketches ,,

Magicia as Maan

Softly Spoken as Geet

Speechless as Dev...

Follow Index to go to chapters brackets each part is written by whom ..

Story outline :

Maaneet after meeting some road accident .. accidently sweetly sensuously end up in making love in Maan's car ..Both do not know each other ..other than a male and female ,LOl

And they forgot Geet not peggy even though Maan did not prepared or use ..Ahem .. Ahem .. So they decided to forget the incident accident and move on with their life ..

After some months they meet each other as ...Geet as Maans brothers Dulhan ...

So ...Please Read our " My Brother's Dulhan "

and all credits to make these too cute comment queens


, )

make FF writers ...goes to Me magicia


only ..LOL ...

Devil Magicia...LOL

To get Pms Of This FF add anyone of Us As your Buddy ...[ if you dont know how to add buddy look for our posts and click on the +buddy button and next Ok .]


PART 35 (Speechless)

Part 34 ( Magicia)

Part 33( Magicia)

Part 32 ( Magicia)

Part 31 (Speechless)

Part 30 (Speechless )

Part 29 (Softly Spoken)

Part 28 (Magicia)

Part 27 (Softly Spoken)

Part 26 (Magicia)

Part 25 (Magicia :Speechless : Softly Spoken )

Part 24 (softly Spoken)

Part 23 (softly spoken)

Part 22 (Softly Spoken)

Part 21 (Softly Spoken)

Part 20 (Softly Spoken)

Part 19 (Speechless)

Part 18 (Speechless)

Part 17 (Magicia)

Part 16 (Magicia)

Part 15 ( Softly Spoken)

Part 14 (Magicia)

Part 13 (Magicia)

Part 12 (Magicia)

Part 11 (Softly Spoken)

Part 10 (Magicia)

Part 9 ( Speechless)

part : 8 (Speechless)

Part : 7 (Softly spoken)

Part : 6 (Magicia)

Part : 5 (Speechless)

Part : 4 (Magicia)

Part : 3 (Speechless)

Part : 2 (Magicia)

Part : 1 (Magicia)

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