Monday, March 26, 2012

Part 21 ( Softly Spoken )



She didn't remember how many times she got fainted in between, the only thing she could comprehend was that she didn't feel like this ever before.. the sensation was all new to her.. she knew that whatever happened should not have happened but the surprising fact was that she was not regretting anything.. and when she came back to her senses, she found him relishing the softness of her curves, making her feeling ticklish.. she chuckled.. that make him smile.. and that was when she realized, he smile for the first time, since they met.. she kept gaping him, admiring the million dollar smile.. but she has no more strength left in her body to move on further.. and he was no where near stopping.. by then she could guess what would be his next move.. she asked him to stop.. "suniye bas bhi kijye"..and he said "No way.." his answer didn't surprised her.. what surprised her most, he sat up the next moment.. leaving her lying naked on the seat.. a sudden chillness made her realize the position she was in.. she immediately got up and tried to cover herself with the clothes lying here and there in the car.. with these movements of her Maan also realized himself wearing nothing.. and then she saw him wearing his clothes and moving towards the front seat..

She opened car door and came outside and when the cool breeze hit her back she realized her kurti was tore from back.. By then she also saw some giant men heading towards the car.. she instantly came inside the car.. and saw a waist coat lying on the seat.. she found that a better option to cover her back and wore that.. And when those men reached towards the car, she saw her driver was also with them and by the conversation between those men and Maan, she made out that they were his bodyguards.. Her Driver told her that car is now ok and ready to take them to Delhi.. Seeing his Driver reminded her, for what she was going to Delhi.

She looked at Maan.. wanting him to stop her, or give him an assuring look that he registered whatever happened between them and whatever happen he will stand by her side.. or give him some contact information or atleast tell her his name, or ask her name, but he was completely engrossed on his phone talking to some elder of his family and trying to convince the person that he is alright and coming to meet them..

She took it as his negligence..His ignorance broke her.. she was hurt.. she came out and sat in her car.. When the car started to move forward in the road, she again for one last time looked back to his figure in the car.. hoping that may be now he will stop her.. but he was still busy on phone.. and slowly he, his car and the beautiful moment she lived left back there on that lonely road..

-----------------------Flash back ends---------------------


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