Monday, March 26, 2012

Part 18 (Speechless)

Part 18:

WinkEngagement Party Embarrassed Maaneet or Deveet Shocked Lets C who is the star of the eveStar

there was hustle and bustle in Handa Haveli and Khurana Mansion from the morning and every one was busy in decorating the House for the Engagement ceremony of Maaneet...Dadi was the most Happiest person, MaanGeet were confused, shocked, restless and dev was jealous and envying his own brother's fate. he was counting every minute
Dadi came to MAAN's room and handed him shervani and asked him to get ready soon

Dadi: Maan i'm very happy for you son. This is my dream to see you marry a decent and a beautiful girl and GEET is the only girl suites u every sense. she is an angel, innocent and adorable and i m sure you will be happy with her
Maan was thinking about Geet and their encounter in rain and NT's voice begin ringing in his mind " ANY DECENT GIRL"
Maan: yeah dadi she seems to be a very DECENT girl Angry don't worry about me dadi i was , i am and i will be Happy... and and evil smirk appeared on his lips remembering Geet's Sharmana Lajaana and presented herself decorated for DevCry

Dadi was ready and waiting for both her POTA's to come downstairs... when Maan and Dev joined her they left for Handa's with ShaGun.
Handa's greeted them with all respect and the ladies greeted Savitri devi and went to take Geet for the function. Maan and dev were talking to each other but their eyes were impatiently searching for someone's Glimpse and here she comes
Both the brothers saw towards stairs OMG she was looking breathtaking and gorgeous... Maan lost in her beauty and lost the track of time and where he wasEmbarrassed Geet was nervous when she walked to the hall and lifted her head to see and her eyes met with Maan's and both feeling a sensation ran through them and both lowered their gaze but the blush on Geet's cheek Maan can hear his heart Thumping DHAK DHAK DHAK Heart The same effect is on DEV, he was gawking on the most beautiful Image descending, it feels like heaven ...


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