Sunday, March 25, 2012

Part 5 (Speechless)

Part 5:

He cleared his throat and tried to start the conversation.Smile everyone Looked at him confusedConfused as they all was thinking that Maan is the Boy came to see their Geet then why the hell his Younger brother is trying to be Smart Tongue Brij Shot a glare and Poor dev just arranged a Question for her about her interests and Education Forgot every thingWink he turned to his Family for some encouragement and Saw his Dadi and Bro is also Looking him Shocked after seeing this reaction from almost every member present in hall for him" Gai Bhens Pani Mein"

Only 1 person was not looking at him because she was too engrossed in playing with the corner of her Duppata... He saw her and and felt like she already made a soft corner in his Heart Embarrassedhe blushed at what he just Think and looked downSleepy

After shutting Dev's Mouth he looked at Maan with a wide grin and Asked him if he want to ask anything from Geet . Dev's Head shot up he was like Angry why Bro wants to ask its purely my right to ask Cry Dadi was a silent spectator till now... and was observing only but when she Looked at dev's sad and Maan's shocked face she tried to sort out the problem or missunderstanding they have like Dev is the Groom not Maan...Ouch But before she said any thing Maan cleared his Throat and ... (Magicia)


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