Monday, March 26, 2012

Part 14 (Magicia)


Part 14

30 October 2011


Oh god she fainted I could have told her , my mistake why cant she put her belt .

His eyes started to spit fire and all that faltoo dialogues in mind "maan singh khurana don't like negligence bla bla …. All in fulltoo anger ..)


Then he saw she did put her belt then , the belt had some problem and its note properly inserted ..

Actually it had been quiet long since anybody sat at that place ..or did any ??

He pulled over the car a little far away from road side near bushes ..because he knew well in highway in that rain … if stop by ..some truck will come and it ..will be bigger mess.

He get out of the car and went to the other side and opened door , Maan that moment don't know what to do ..ususally if somebody faints they can sprinkle water and try to wake them up ..but here she is fully drenched ..

Then the other option she shook her …. "miss …are u ok .."

No response then Maan singh Khurana shook harder and …she fell on him ..

By then he too fully soaked in rain..

He tried to make her sit , then the atkee hui seat belt ,who started to work scaring maan singh khurana ,stretched over the front seat and he was not able to put geet there

Maan got angry ..u idiot seat belt , when u have to do your job did not do ..and now when u are no more needed making things difficult for him ..because he can sense wahts already happeneing under his pants , when her body feel on him ..and still on him hugging

In a jerk he pulled and pushed the seatbelt end …and the sudden movements of his hands along her tummy ..just marked a jittery movement in Geet , then he thought of putting her in back seat .. Because its getting him difficult …

He took her and dropped in back seat ..then he wished and wanted to kill Geets tailor…


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