Monday, March 26, 2012

Part 22 ( Softly Spoken)


The sound of the door opening brought her back to the present.. She saw her mother entering the room, with immense excitement and happiness on her face

Rano: "Beta Geet..the Khurana's said yes for the alliance.. they liked you a lot.."

Geet's happiness knew no bound.. Her mother's each word filled her with extreme joy as she thought she is going to marry the same person, she had spend that night with, The thought that he might be searching for her all these days.. and he also wanted to make her his filled her with sheer delight..

Rano: "why you are not saying anything.. beta I am so happy for you.. this boy seems to be a gentleman..he will always take care of you, and always keep you happy.. and due to Savitri ji's ill health she cannot travel again and again.. so they wanted to complete the engagement ritual by tomorrow only.."

Rano: "You are happy with it na beta..?" Her mother asked her, caressing her cheek

She didn't ask any question to her mother..just nodded her head in acceptance.. and seeing the glow on her daughter's face.. Rano made out that she doesn't have any objection.. She asked her to be ready tomorrow evening and left the room..

She was extremely happy today.. only she knew the pain and distress... she had passed through, these two months..

-----------------Flash back-------------

The day she returned from Delhi, she locked herself in her room.. And slammed on the bed and cried loudly in the pillow so that no one can hear her screams.. she cried in horror of whatever happened.. What she had done.. How could she cross all the limits of dignity..? She lost her virginity to the person, she didn't even know the name of, a complete stranger.. neither she met him before nor she will meet him ever after.. and she surrendered to him out of lust.. The man who didn't even look her for second time after fulfilling his desire..How could she surrendered to her physical desires.. when she very well knew the boundaries in which the women of her family has to live.. how will she tell that to her family.. her father and her Darji, will they ever be able to believe her again if they came to know about this.. his father who supported her even to send Delhi for studies.. what will happen to his pride for his daughter.. the brother who is very strict about how a girl should behave.. what will she tell him.. will she ever be able to meet her gaze with them when they will come to know what she had done.. No she can't tell her family about it..

She has no strength or wish to go anywhere but this was her Naintara Didi's wedding today.. her best friend.. her sister.. her mentor.. she somehow managed to get ready and reached her place, plastering a fake smile on her face so that no one can know the torments she was passing through within.. May be when too many people are all around, she may be able to forget the memories of the sin she had committed..

But NT was her really close to her.. she could hide from whole world but she knew her since childhood.. and can read her face very well.. she guessed from her facial expression and unusual gesture that something is surely wrong with her and when the baraat came and everyone left the room, she cornered her

NT: what's the matter Geet, you are looking disturbed..?

Geet: nothing Didi, it was just a headache..

NT: Geet you know.. you cant hide anything from me at least.. show this fake smile to rest of the world..not me.. now tell me what happen..

And more than anything else, she also wanted a shoulder to cry on, she also wanted someone to cry her heart out, and who could listen and understand her better than Naintara.. She just couldn't control the pain in her heart and cried her heart out.. and told her everything that happened to her , and NT who just experienced almost similar situation a few days ago...completely understand the pain she was going through..

NT console her in every possible way, and it was NT's care and advices that she was able to came back home feeling light to some extent..though NT didn't share her own incident with her, but she tried to comfort Geet in this pain and convince her to live her life to the fullest and for the dreams she had for her studies..


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