Monday, March 26, 2012

Part 15 ( Softly Spoken)


Part 15

Continution of Geet's flashback:
She took a sigh relief.. now she would be able to reach Delhi in time.. She never wanted to come Delhi in such urgency and when her best friend's wedding was just the next day.. but then being architect was her dream.. and it was just that that day's morning her friend told her that admissions are going on Delhi's college of architecture.. and tomorrow is the last date to collect the admission form..

Initially Darji was not agreeing to send their daughter to another city for studies.. but then papaji , a really doting father somehow persuaded Darji and made him agree to allow her to study..

She was in deep thoughts.. she knew she was taking a big risk, taking lift from a complete stranger.. and the way she sat in the car.. he may think wrong about her.. then she thought.. the way he dint said a word while giving lift.. if he is some wrong type of person with wrong intentions.. she looked at him from the corner of her eyes.. seemingly looking a decent man.. she was a bit relieved.. then she again turn her face to see him.. That's when she realize the person sitting next to her.. was extremely handsome.. Adorable.. like some prince of her dreams.. the difference is that he is not coming on white horse with a rose in his hands.. but in a car..

She shrugged the thought off.. "#what are you thinking Geet.. he is a stranger.. you know nothing about him and you even don't have to know anything about him.. Once you reach Delhi then you will never see his face again.. #"

She just shot a prayer to babaji.. " #bas jaldi se Delhi puhanch jaon.. or admission form mil jaye.. #"

She was in her thoughts when car stopped with jerk.. and her head hit the dashboard.. then she didn't remember anything


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