Monday, March 26, 2012

Part 19 (Speechless)


Part 19:

Dev's heart skipped several beats by just looking at her and he remembered his all secret GFs [chi chi Baba G shareef bhi, shy bhi or GFs bhi Wink CHUPA RUSTAM TYPE] NT was the sexiest of all even she can never stand Geet, she is the perfect blend of sexiness with beauty and Tarka of InnocenceWink he was already losing himself to her and cursed the time when he agreed with his Dadi and talked to Maan and suddenly he noticed a blush on Geet's cheeks and he turned to look at his Bro who was looking down
Dev (ST): may be she can feel my gaze thats y she is Blushing... OH GOD she looks damn beautiful out of this world and she came and stood beside Maan. it pricked dev's heart and he didn't like it. he glared his Bro then his Dadi who was totally FIDA over geet HIS Geet. he touched his pocket and tighten his grip on a small box of RING which was supposed to be in GEET's finger and she will be Maan's and dev cooked a planOuch

As ceremony started ,he went and stand behind Maan.
Dadi: Dev where is the ring i gave you?
Dev wanted to lie that he lost that ring and saved the day and Geet but he was helpless and this is not his day
Dev: here Dadi...
and gave the ring to Dadi and Dadi took carefully and gave it to Maan and asked him to put in Geet's Finger. when he took Geet's hand in his from her Mom RANO just then someone hit him hard on his leg and he bent in pain and ring slipped from his Hand (Shocked Dhattt teri Shockedring nahi sambhal saka tu LARKI kiya smbhale gaDead)

Maan looked at the direction from where he got Kick and there was no one because dev ran behind Ring and Came back to the couple with ring in his hand almost running when every one was looking for the ring on floor even Geet's eyes were doing the same and Dev immediately slipped the ring in her finger and shouted
Dev: hey what are you guys Looking for???Confused Bro already made Geet wear the ring so come on. Dev patted himself on his victory Geet was shocked and Maan was confused
Maan (ST): what the hellConfused mein ne kab pehnai Ring Shocked and he looked towards dev and he winked shamelessly and now Maan knew how that ring came to geet's finger and who did this he glared dev and then Geet and found her looking at the ring which added fuel to his anger. he missunderstood her and thought she was looking with admiration and the hatred just increased Angry
Dev was happy but least he knew that it is short lived when dadi demanded Geet to put the ring on and she came out of shock and Maan just turned his face in pure anger and hurt ego
Geet took the ring from brij and asked him to give his hand and Maan gave his hand when she touched his hand there was something electrifying with her touch he looked at her and their eyes Met and MAHI VE MAHI MAHI VE...LOL
Dev was burning inside to see the scene and very angry bcz his plan failed Poor him Kitne Jatin kiye os ne Wink ...


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