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Chapter 59. Happy News

Chapter 59. Happy News

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Maan paced restlessly in front of the Doctors cabin. Seeing him like that Savitri Devi can’t hold her laugh, She chuckled, Maan stopped,
What daadi ?

He was already in tension ,moreover his own daadi is making fun of him : and past half an hour none came out from the cabin too , not even a random nurse carrying some tray.
Maan wondered loudly ..Ek Nurse Thak Nahee Aya ..! (Not even a nurse came out )
Maan beta Don’t forget we are here for check up s only!
Maan frowned at daadi what she saying don’t I know !

Daadi laughed and continued ..ha ..ha , ya .,what do you expect , we came here for check up and within half an hour a nurse will come out and say “Mubarak ho beta hua hi ..ya beti huee hi “ : Maan glared very angrily he was not at all in a mood to have fun
Aur nahee tho kya … You know how do you look , as if some guy who is waiting outside labour room and his wife is in labour pain ..” and laughed ,Maan too joined poutin, shook his head ,sat with daadi and hugged, and hid his face in her shoulders
Oh daadi you don’t know ..
Daadi touched his cheeks fondly and said ..”oh I know son , You are exactly like your daadaji ..”
Daadi ..
Yes , you know why he made this hospital , whenever I get sick , even smallest cold , he will make fuss about it , he will act as if some extreme emergency had happened and doctors throw out finally he decided to build his own hospital ha ha ..and you know what happened when your dad was born , I was in labour pain and he fainted and everything went smoothly …bilkul pagal de … sher bhee …Just like you ..

Maan was thrown out of cabin by Dr.Sandhya,because with his non-stop questions and doubts he was not letting her actually do her check ups

At first both Maan and Geet were very reluctant to see the doctor because they believed whatever symptoms, tiredness the ladies saw in Geet was because of their deeds only .They were well aware of what they were doing and how much they were doing and was too shy to explain it to their seniors and they both embarrassingly failed in controlling themselves too .

But daadi was adamant and she literally dragged them to hospital , but on the way to hospital Geet saw golgappa box and Maan knew how much she like this chaatt and all .But as soon as she took one bite ; she felt nauseated with the smell and vomited there itself. Geet looked totally shattered and terrified and Maan got really worried .Only person who was extremely happy was Daadi because she was sure by now what she assumed was correct and don’t need a doctor ..But geet seems to be lost!

Eversince they entered doctors cabin Maan was annoying doctor with all those stupid questions , he too seems he was not in his senses , it more or like seem like he is trying to make situation comic and funny.But geet was silent and was totally unaware to the situation and her eyes were totally blank .Maan fearedon her reaction but doing all those annoyances he himself tried to deviate himself ..

Then they heard Geets screaming .

No NO ..i don’t want this baby …I just don’t want cant be true … no no ….

Maan and daadi shocked hearing her , and before they could realise , the door swung open and geet ran towards them , she fell on Maan’s arms

Maan tell them , its not true . it cant be .. I don’t want it to be true ..i don’t want this baby ..No no

Savitri shocked ! Maan clenched his lips in extreme pain , seeing geet in pain ..

She hugged him tightly and cried hard hiding her face in his chest .His chest all got wet by her tears , Maan lost words ..he don’t know what to say
He felt her biody shiver once and he felt her complete weight on him She fainted in his arms

Doctors and nurses rushed and she shifted to intensive care

Maan sat there holding her hands and looking lovingly at her , he was crying silently .Doctor called him , he don’t want to leave geet , but doctor insisted they need to talk before she wake up for her sake .
He had a discussion with Dr.Sandhya .Amruth Also came .

then he went back to Geet , sat there quietly ,crying holding her hands ..and ..went out quietly ..

Geet woke up , she found herself among a lots and lots of flower bouquets and congratulation messages ..
but she was crying …Daadi and Amruth happily hugged her ..She asked for Maan ..
Amruth said ..i havents seen him ..

Dr.Sandhya open the door and told Geet ..

He left geet , because he heard You ..said in a cold voice .


Ok ..after a long time ..i am giving update , I don’t know how you will take this update ….. dont come up in any conclusion ..
its a small part .. but ..i think i got the flow now ..will update and finish soon ..
And thank you very much for all of you ..i mean most of you for still remembering my mystery girl …


  1. yaar why don't youy update on wordpress that was easy for me and awsem update but short why geet don't want baby

  2. hi tamanna ... wordpress , i dont get beautiful themes like this ..and another gadgets like chat box and all ..

    geet dont want baby .. :( . u did not noticed maan had left :( ..

    thank you for your comment

  3. whty maan left yaar its short and confusing

  4. Saddy update dear geet dosent want the baby but why do update soon dear


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