Sunday, March 25, 2012

Part 7 (Softly Spoken)


Geet's Room

The waist coat took her back the time when she was going from Hoshiarpur to Delhi... It was a quiet evening after a hot sunny day, usually consider perfect for travelling... Darji sent her in his old ambassador car with an old family driver...While sitting on car's back seat, she was reading her favorite comic book to get rid of the boredom she uses to face during these lone journeys... in between reading, when she raises her head from the book to take a hearty laughter break... she was taking a look outside window to enjoy the nature... and then she started feeling that sun has gone somewhere and clouds took over the sky... and cold breeze started hitting the window pane...Until she could comprehend the change of weather... small water droplets started touching her face with the cool breeze... she closed the book... weather was becoming more attractive than the comic book... but small droplets changed to water sprays... and she had to close the window glass... and then...noise of water hitting ambassador's roof ...thunder... lightening... and ambassador's old engine...

All noise started to scared her... it all became dark outside... the only light that was coming was with the lightening... and then she heard huge striking noise... and for some seconds she went blank... And when she was back to senses... she wished she hadn't come back... poor driver could not see anything and hit the tree... there were no injuries to any of them but yet... the car was no more able to take them forward... the driver suggested her to take a cab or a lift... and he will try to come when rain stops with a car...

But no cab in this weather... even no private cars were coming... and those who were coming were not stopping by seeing the girl fully drenched on a lonely road...

Geet was enough irritated by then, "iss terha to kuch nai hoga I have to think something... otherwise I have to spent whole night here"

And then with an idea in her mind... came in the mid of the road and stood like a catwalk model... And then she saw the car's head light... coming closer and closer... following with sound of blowing horns of the car... and then a sharp sound of break...


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