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Part 10 (Magicia)


Part 10

But cant do any Bhangra ..but she terrifically did in her mind and Called both her pothas and ' cried 'which melted their heart and wet their eyess can they just forget what all things she did for them '.they hugged her tightly '..

Brij came and told brothers their room is ready .They can take rest ..He has works to do a lot actually for tomorrows preparation...

As savitri weak she cant moved ,allowed travel .. all khurans had to stay there only . Savitri dont even want Maan go away from there ..because she scared as soon as he get signal to his mobile he will arrange things and she may be even taken with some helicopter and moved to bigger hospital where she can not continue her drama and all her plan will go in vein.Because she know well Maan ..Once he committed after that he even wont listen his "ane aap " LOL '. Savitri Devi Dramebazz LOL

At the Room Maan was not able to sleep ..he turned left then right rolled on bed , Dev was sleeping peacefully .. With a very cute sweet smile on his face 'dreaming beautiful.. God knows what 'He don't liked Dev dreaming'. Because he knows what it will be which he cant allow can he ' ' How can a responsible brother like him allow his younger one to go in hell just like that '.

Brij joined late very late after he finished with the arrangements .It was his room and he made it ready for Khurana brothers , He slept at the sofa , He said .."Jeejaji house farms ke beechon beech mein hi na ..isiliye idhar Jyada machar hi ' , meim Yuhi so jathee hoom Upar geet ke Kamre meim mosquito net lagaya hi.. "

Poor Brij just said ..In his mind ..after marriage he don't nedd to worry 'But .Maan the stupid sheharee Munda ..just...

Maan thought eek what this Man want me go and sleep with his siter , Or he knew ..No No ..How can he ..If he knew I slept with ...then ..he automatically touched the presence of his head above his neck ..

Brij found it very weird gestures ..he stared then smiled ..Ya may be Sheharee may will be showing these kind sof gestures when they in love he remembered how he went sleepless on his engagement night and the three months after it untill his marriage nad after marriage too ..he chuckled ''

And before maan could feel bad he just turned and slept peacefully happy ..

Maan just cant sleep 'How can he..

Never He will never let that happen ..

She is not in some amnesia and all that shock in her hazel eyes ..oh her eyes so beautiful just so cute like some dolls .. A beautiful doll's eyes which will close if you laid it ' then the memories she laying behind in her car back seat '.made him go numb for moment ..

The most beautiful girl he ever seen '

Oh stop it Maan u are not here to day dream her ..especially a character less cheapo type girl ..

Ofcourse she remember you ..each and every moment you spend together ' in that beautiful drizzle ..Maan ..his mind warned him..

And she here to Marry his brother , another Man , how can she do that ..ofcourse she can ..why not ..

Because she is a "she" '. Leaving everything behind and stood there like a Nayee Naveli Dulhan '. His blood boiled recalling how she shyly stood in front of Dev another man ,

She forgot whatver happened between them ..She don't have any effect of Maan Singh Khurana ..his ego hurt badly which made him just madly ..

How can she ' When girls cant forget one smile from him and go behind him madly like Pari from mumbai Sasha from his college ' He knew well his effect on women yet he shows he don't know it at all '.. He secretly enjoys it ..because the silly creations of god ' just going mad behind him '. Really makes him happy very happy indeed ..

And this girl ..creature after all those I did to her ' simply ready to marry another guy , how can she ' when I myself cant forget and whenever I feel need a woman ..ahem ahem ..its her face and the way she laid there was only in my mind ..and she ..just ready to marry ..

No compulsion from her ghar waley she herself stood there shy ..

How could she forget me '.

Or for her I may be the one among so many to play around ''' no no .. I was the first 'that I am sure .. I did change the whole cusions of back seat after that night '

My driver just thought added it to my hatred towards woman ,,,

She actually forgot and decided to marry ''''.. NO NO'but things just lay clear in front of him '

The whole night he was not able to sleep ..tomarrow his engagement with that 'filth 'yes ..she is '

She is shame .. Even Sasha , Rasika , Nayanthara and all far far better ..compared to this cheapo cladded in salwar kameez try to portray as some godess rather than them who just shows what they are ' she is cheapo ..

Ok let this enagagement drama go on ' and then I will teach her ..a lesson ..

He now relieved from the guilt which was buried in depth of his heart that he ruined a girl just vanished instead hatred just filled in.. Somehow his goodside always cursed him for going week that night .. But now no more she is some charming witch ..

In less than 10 minutes she just made Dev fully fattoo for her how cant he ..

Yes Dev who has seen many many woman in his life in a monet decided to mary hera nd spend the rest of his life with her ' Devs girl friends total number will be greater that his age for sure ..and he too just gone ' lala on seeing this girl once so how cant he Maan who never had a girl friend '.

The beautiful no horrific evening just stormed in his mind as the climate started to pour that day like that day ' the same day Great maan Singh Khurana ..gone weak and lost his virginity over some Random Girl ' A Random girl ''' How can he forget '

(me next ..but u have to wait untill next Sunday ..Jab mil baitey gey Theen yar ..LOL)

posting as typed ..errors ..sorry bye time is up..


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