Sunday, March 25, 2012

Part 8 (Speechless)

Part 8:

Dadi was feeling really bad for Dev but there is nothing she can do because for the very 1st time maan looked effected by any girl and savetri devi didn't want to go this easily... she liked GEET a lot and wanted to make her Bahu Phr chahey Bari bahu ho ya ChotiWink She Thought for a while and broke the Hug... Dev was still gloomy and tried to drink his sobs and rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand Like a small KidEmbarrassed

Dadi made a noise Like HIII and dev took her hand in his and asked her "Dadi are u Alright"

Dadi: yes dev i'm ok Now. Its the most important day for you and for Khurrana Khandan but ...

dadi left her sentence mid way dramatically and looked at dev who was Lost thinking about GEET bcz dadi was talking about her dadi start breathing quickly Dev got scared and asked dadi

Dev: Dadi what is bothering you?? why are u taking so much tension that ur BP shot. tell me dadi may be i can help u.

Savetri devi smirked and continued

DADI: its Nothing dev i was just thinking about MAAN's Life. i want him to get married first but he refused every time. its my wish to see MAAN's wife and when Handa's were Treated Maan Thier would be Damad mein apne ap ko rook nahi sakiCry

DEV: oh dadi don't worry dadi we will find the best girl for bro.

DADI: do u love me and Maan?

DEV: Ofcrz dadi yeh kesa sawal hai... u both are my only family

DADI: If i asked u to do some thing for your Bro's happiness and for me too

Dev: what is it???

dev can sense there is something terrible coming he just held his breath and waited for dadi to continue as he was listening and his heart was beating Louder and louder with every passing second.

DADI: i want Geet for Maan and i want her as my bari bahu

dev's heart almost stopped and he wanted to scream a NO but he couldn't so he just managed to say

Dev: Bro will never agree to thisCry

Dadi chuckled to think Maan's reaction after seeing GEET

DADI: Don't worry dev i just want you to talk to him and do what ever u want to make him agree for GEET please. i dont want to die without seeing Him happy with his WIfe and KidsEmbarrassed

DEV: said ok dadi mein Bro se baat karta hoon

and he got up form the bed and went to the side where MAAN was standing with brij he excused Brij and ... [MAGICIA]


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