Monday, March 26, 2012

Part 17 ( Magicia)


Part 17

30 October 2011


Rain stopped and still he laid atop her and she was playing with his hair and he was licking the black around her nipple ..tickling her … she smiled ..chuckled ..making him madder ..and he smiled ..and started to draw lines over her curves and she started to move ….And in his both hands he took her assets ..he tried to push him away and failed and she cant open her eyes on him and she closed her eyes tightly and he found it cutest and he kissed on her eyes

"suniye ..ab bas bhee karo …."

"no way ...he replied ..…Then he remembered he don't know her name ….realization stuck and he sat back ..and …she too understood ..

Instantly she grabbed her clothes ..and her frantic movemenets

Made maan too realize his exposure hurry burry both wore their clotehs and Geet Opened her side and stood outside …

Hugging herself ..

Maan took a few minutes .. Crawled to front seat and started car …

By then a few muscle men heading them ,Geet scared ..instantly opened back seat and sat covered her face scaring , they surrounded their car .. His body guards who where searching him last 1 hour till when they reached Delhi and did not found him ..and they were searching him ..and on their search Geets driver told them his mistress seek a lift from him , and he , by then it was repaired ,along with bodygaurds left in search of Maan ,and he saw Geet Standing … on side of road and Maans car partly in bushes ..

Then ..he got down and looked inside car ..and asked bitiya ..

She looked at Maan who was talking with Bodygaurds and calling his dadima pacifying her ..that he is alright ..

Before he could stop …She counted it as his negligence and she was just 17 and half ..just passed her 12 .. Slowly followed her drivar chacha ..on all her way back she was looking for him again and again ..but he was on call and don't know what to do….

He just let her go…

And when his grandma .. Zidd kiya that he must meet her now ..he sat on back seat and his driver guided him then Geet and her car was nowhere to be seen …….


He closed his his eyes finally slept …like many days…. Last two months ………... her beautiful scared eyes looking back at him again and again……

Engagement …..Dev aka Speechless will explain…

(oyee u dirty speechless Dev you raped Nayanthara … or did ,.with her ,,,

Tell me what u have to say about it …And remember he is a nice guy in our story ..come up with a very decent explanation…….ok………………..Lol devil magicia trapped Dev)

ok ..yara ..softly spoken net still not ok and my time for today is.. :(

could u advertise this in geets walls and some fan fiction places ... ..u did not read my parts .. , good i just seen what u posted ..i typed both parts in a row so that flow and mood do not go ... ... ..

Tell speechless about engagement ..i finally made Maan sleep ...LOL

Now u guys turn ..pakao pakao...

give me my maan back after geet entering KM ..LOL

precap from my side .:

he heard the sizzling paya ki awaz .. yup very familiar to him can he forget that , enough hallucination maan , he warned his mind ... how can she be in his Mansion ...

He started working out again ..Last few days he was on his foreign trip and was hell busy to work out ... so he had to do double today ...

then again ..he found some shadows moving from one pillar to other ..

Hide and seek the place where he lived all his life ...

he ...


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