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Part 16 (Magicia)


Part 16

When he put her back he fell down and his hands caught with the dori of her salwar

And Maan ke doley sholay kab kaam aye he again used his Maan singh Khurana power and dori did not broke and whole kameez in his hands ..

He stared at the moment whats in his hands ..

OMG maan singh Khurana in the midst of highway with a womans dress in his hand like a Dushasan standing ..arey log Kya kahengey ..

He don't understood instantly get inside the Car ..and closed the door in hurry ..

And it got locked and then he understood what trap he is in ..

There lied Geet wearing her chemise only wet stick to her body ..lining each and every curvaceous structure of her body .. He doubted it's the chemise pinker or her body ..

Almost transperent and the brastraps just popping out little which involuntarily made him move his hands along it ' slowly ..sweetly '.

Then he withdrawed his hands like he got some shock '

What he is doing ..he tried to open the door ..but it got stuck , when he kept it open in his strggle to put geet in rainwater get inside the knobs and locks and what not and since it was auto matic locked ..( mechanical engineers automobile engineers pardon me' ) he started to sweat (OMG>> yes he did ..) , he loosened his tie and buttons ' .

Now only one option left , to crawl to the front seat through the gap between them , Geet was laying a..nd he know ..better crawl now ..or he will loose what all precious he had protected not released untill now '(wink wink ..ahem ahem..)

And he did , during his stuggles to crawl up his heavy body atop Geet and her chemise got displaced over tummy making it visible and it was already wet and was slithery ..maan slipped and fell on her '

His face dig in the nape of her neck , Maans stroking on her with his whole body and when the heat ..(hot maan singh khurana rememeber ) of his body .passed on her bare skin..she woke up from her unconscious state and was puzzled and tickled what she was feeling then '


By then maan started to nuzzle around her neck ..kissing butterfly kisses and his hands moved in violent passion moving away each and every barriers coming in his way ..

And by then he pulled down her salwar and ..

He was in between her legs ..

Then he felt some movements in her ..

She was awake ..with her eyes open '

There was no Maan Singh Khurana ..Just a Man in his most beautiful weak moment ..

He looked at her hazel eyes ..sensuously half open ..

Something was hindering him ..May be the virtues with he bought up ..then his urge ..purely biological which he cant resist in front of that beautiful brown eyes '

And he pleaded with his eyes '.seek her permission ..he felt pain as if he going to die'

She was trans ..she felt like a dream .. The unspoken dream since she realized her feminity ..

And she too cant neglect that plead when her hidden secrets need what was bulging in, to get in , in between her thighs ..and she rise her hands bowed her eyes and slowly removed the wasite cot hugging him tightly , which was about to burst open when all his muscles was stretched '

Her small gesture just made the untamed never allowed wild horse in him to explore the deep secrets in her '

When their clothes got scattered inside the car they don't know ' and when he cant no more go on like that again he took her pyari face now flushed red with his ..assaults and

Unidentified pleasures 'and look in to her eyes before entering her ..

She hugged him tighter and bite his lips when the pain and pleasure overtook her senses ..

With each his thrust he just drwan her to heavens one by one ..and now she is sure there is more than 7th and nineth heaven '

And as time passes by when the moon peeped and shied , behind they don't have clue ..

She at times faints then , again his hands that squeeze her breasts brought her back and he again continuw with his slow and hard thrusts in between loving her kissing her , slowly cutely biting her lips without giving her any pain ..and she indeed liked when he put one hand behind her back so that she don't have any pain in his growing hardness on her ..

Finally when he realized she cant take it anymore ,and multiple orgasms just made her demented with pleasure ..He decided to hold on his febrile movements on her and with a few more hard thrusts reluctantly he exploded inside her '''..fainting atop on her body crying out of pleasure rabidly '


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