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Chapter 58 . Family Time


Chapter 58. Family Time
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Amruth asked ...holding and twisting maan’s ears .. and in a really harsh voice asked
“ Beta , What do you think of yourself ..Kab Thak Apney Biwi Ko Mom ke kamaee mey palenga ... Office aney ka Koi Irada tho nahee ..”
Geet heard what they spoke , and she chocked and spitted the water she was drinking Savitri patted her back , Maan was about to rush , he got tensed  Amruth rolled his eyes and  whacked him  kuch Nahee hua ...You answer me first .. Geet and daadi came back , Daadi felt if she hold one more minute ,Geet will collapse of tension ,she knew nothing serious ,but For Geet all these new ...So Daadi stopped pushing her to eat , Lagtha hi Apko Ab Khaney Ka Man Nahee hi ..Ap Maan Ke Saath Khaleejiye ..and Geet let out a sigh in relief  immediately stood up and they both to the drawing room. ..Amruth’s face gone paler she feared what will Geet think about her .And Maan understood her fear and cutely looked at Geet in a puppy face showing his “becharapan” Geet scared..

Amruth tried to be nice in front of Her Bahu , looking at Maan’s face she understood what her son is up to ,she wondered from where he learned all these drama! all the years he was with them where he actually hid all this naughty cuteness .. she don’t know that moment she need to be happy or worried    or angry  !  ..
Amruth asked Maan to continue coming in Office and let Geet have some time to rest and give a space for her to think , decide herself what she has to do , If she want to practice again  they need to make so much arrangements .Dr.Geet is an officially  a dead person , so they can not use the certificates of her. Dr.Shashank advices her not to practice in India , because every day there are 100s of  fraud doctors cases reported to IMA ( Indian Medical Association i think who handle these ... or if not ..please clear .. i will edit ), and they really got strict on their rules and investigation So don’t try to make any fake certificate even though Geet is a deserved person .And Amruth too don’t want Geet live rest of her life with a tension  of disclosing identity. Because the bigots whether it is based on race or cast relegion , they are totally mad ..Its a risk to reveal Geet actually not dead ..if some crazy racist of Junglepur survives and at some moment  

When Geet came back from dining room , Daadi made her sit in between hers and Amruth opposite to Maan , Her simple wish to sit with her Bahu ..and was adoring the Beautifully crazy mehandi design on geet’s palms  Geets face was pale as if they will catch some chori of her .. ..  Daadi was smiling , because on Maaneets wedding Day daadi herself asked the beautician to put something for the time being , Bahu ka haath peela hona chahiye ..soona acha Nahee lagtha feeling .. , because Geet did not had any proper ceremony. That was a temporary one , this is something different , and its written Geet in it ,Daadi Understood who had done this ,and she smiled , Geet wont write her own name in her palms !. Oh ..Mera Potha Kithna Romanti hi ..she scanned Amruth for a second , beautiful look seems she is some embodiment of exquisite elegance.... Ye Mera Betey kee Hi beta hi , bahu pe Bilkul Nahee ..
When Geet sat between Amruth and Savitri  , Maans face got sad , he started to complain with his face and totally ignoring Amruth and Savitri’s presence they started their “nain matka “” Savitri and Amruth looked at each other and then snapped ..Maan ..geet ....

Amriths voice got serious .pointing Geet she said .You are Looking at her all the time ...
Maan and Geet’s Eyes got widened , Savitri Too confused , whats she is saying ... Hamney hee Inkee Shaddee Karaee Na ... Savitri mumbled ,
Maan strongly nodded in agreement .. Ya ..Koi Padosee Ka Biwi Ka Thodee Dekh Raha Hoo..
His face got angry , and his lips loped on side in aversion He sulked, Seeing his reaction Amruth was getting angry

Bahu... Savitri reminded Amruth to control ..She nodded and continued

Maan don’t you see how unhealthy she looks You have to take her to Doctor ... Her eyes says how anaemic she is .. You must Go to doctor ..i am serious ...
Maan sighed , Bas Ithna ... He know what she needed , Just a nights sleep some special food she likes some gol gappa .. or something  ... I am too much ..he knows well but , I am innocent , Its not only me ..who keeps on going and going one after the other ...
Even when he hold himself , she wont let him ...
Knowing well how much effect she has on me ... Hmm today i will try something different so that she gets enough rest and ... hmmm ..yummy delicious ,,,,,,,,.
His mouth instantly filled with water , in lust ..thinking of it ..oh ..he can’t wait .   he smiled ..
Maan instantly rose and hold Geet’s hands ...

Chalo chalo chalo ..Doctor ke paas chalthey hi ..leaving shocked Amruth and Savitri he turned to go towards his bedroom

Savitri stopped
Maan betey we know how concerned u are about her ..but Abhee .. and hold Geet ..

Maan pulled geet and said ..abhee jathey hi ..come Geet .lets do check Up .

Amruth was watching all these drama ..she said   ok ..if u want to go doctor now ..then go i know  how much you love her ... but betey .. .Bahar ke darwaza udar hi beta ..not idhar ..
She pointed out ..

Maan I know Mom , But think .. Bhar ajney key .Zarrorath nahee ..Jab Hamara Ghar mey hee Doctor hi . ..think how lucky we are .....see ....and i know ....he smiled naughtily in a special way ....She is the best Doctor ..looking lustfully at geets lips , tasting his own ..Geet Blushed .. He snapped  or he will just .take her lips front them ....and turned Amruth and Savitri ...Yea  when she herself a doctor .mey isieesey hudse. Check Up Karvathee   hoom She will Check herself  and . I will definitely help her ..after all i am her husband ..Koi Tho farz Bantha hi .... and ...he Dragged the shy blushing  Geet without waiting Amruths and Savitri’s reaction ..and went to bedroom ..holding each other’s arms almost hugging ..

Amruth and Svaitri looked each other .They were already Pani pani out Sharam seeing Maaneet Romance , so they are not in enough strength to argue him back ....and they do ?? They looked each other uncomfortably and  laughed ..

The next day Savitri heard Amruth talking her best friend Dr.Sandhya “ now i really miss his presence .in our life.”  Savitri stopped , she never heard Amruth ever saying anything like that before , The relation between her son and Amruth turned all cold , since the day Amruth found about his relation in past , and after that proud Amruth even though done all duties of wife perfectly making her son totally ashamed of what he did every moment , which Savitri still strongly believes is the deserved punishment . Then she saw glimpses of warmness in their relation when his time neared on his sick bed . Savitri knew well that the soft and sensitive bahu she got died long back because of her own son’s Kartoot .. . Now all she got is Some princess of raj Gaht who forgot to live for herself . And Savitri somewhere feels its her own failure .
But seeing her magnificent personality Savitri always fear what she has in mind to tell ..Sincerely she wanted Amruth to  start a new life she is only 42,  Gosh ... 42 is not too old , even at her 65 savitri don’t mind to start a her a life for herself if she find a real choice
And Savitri really rejoiced missing her son is a good sign even it is so cheap she decided to overhear .

Amruth was cribbing...... ..” how can i tell him” .......
Savitri thought may be she worried about how to present it in front of Maan , don’t worry bahu ..what i am for ..?? .
.. Savitri had seen Amruth and Their new Manager Mr.Iman really close .and Imans eyes clearly said many times how much he likes her .But Amruth ..., Amruth considers him as a close friend... , but how close ...she don’t know , and she really wish them to be so close that Amruth will have to hide it from Savitri and Maan .She heard a Shehnaee in background ....She got thrilled ..
..”.if his father alive he could speak to him  and make him understand a mother ...son .”....
What ?? , she want her my son to be alive and help her in .. Ya ..He should ..if he is ..alive ....for what he done to her, Its his responsibility to help Amruth if she want someone else in her life ..Yes .. ..savitri nodded sadly to herself

.”oh no i am not some heartless woman in fortes who is jealous ..” ...............  “stop it yar ....”. ..”Sandhya you cant guess how tired she looks”” 

Oh ..Savitri disappointed oh  its about geet , The shehnaee which was playing happy wedding note in her mind ...turned ...booo goo besura ..and ended ..

“....... oh ..what you saying ...” ......  “i know what is it ..Oh God .. I had lived with his father ” she cutely chuckled ..
“But our times , when he go office i can take rest ..and here ... Office  chodo . Kamrey se bahar nikalney me bhee”

----------the person at the other end cracked some joke it seems ..----
“Oh ..Fish .  what am i supposed to do ..Go and tell my On ..Son ..Stop fucking My Bahu ..Oh Fish ..”

And she laughed loud ...

Oh Acha , So this is the reason ,Savitri smacked her head ...for her stupidity ..
Uff Ajkal ki ladkiyam Kithana unhealthy hi ...She smiled shyly ..
Savitri had thought some other reason for Geets faded looks and fluffy eyes and body .
, because for her old eyes she felt Geets tiredness may be ..... she smiled ..
she was sure there was something about her own  Pothas naughtiness in Geet leaving from Phulwadi and what she witnessed on Outhouse on their wedding day was just the resonance of that waves formed long back ..nahee tho mera betee aisa shameless bilkul nahee hi .she pouted .
without any delay ..She went straight to maans room , hmmm 10 O clock ...

may be resting after morning session ..uff ..She complained his Dadas fotos on wall , Apka potha bada Kamzor Kamchor nikla
She knocked On Maans door disturbing their sleep ..Geet Betey ..Maan Betey Udiye .Apkey Dadaji morning session ke Bad Office jathey they or Ap yaha Soye padey hi ..she thought in her mind.

Maan utiye Geet Beta ...

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