Monday, March 26, 2012

Part 20 ( Softly Spoken)


-----------------Flash back continues----------------
Some ticklish sensation and a feeling of warm weight over her brought her back to senses and what she registered after gaining awareness of her surroundings, made her senseless again..

For first few moments, she was just unable to comprehend, what was going on , she felt a weight rubbing over her body, and hot breathes were giving her ticklish feeling at the nape of her neck, making her insane

She knew, whatever that was happening was not right at all, but the desires and need rising in her body are over powering everything.. stopping her from taking any step against.. she had no sense of right or wrong at that moment.. She was lying hardly clad beneath a man; she didn't even know the name of..!! But she was like immune to any reason, justification or excuses for whatever happening to her.. All she could feel was a weird sensation and immense pleasure..

Then suddenly the rubbing and tickling stopped and the weight on her, lifted up slightly.. every cell of her body was apprehensive of the next move of the person lying above her.. she looked at him.. those pair of brown eyes were intensely looking in hers, asking something, seeking permission, permission for something, she couldn't allow in the wildest of her dream.. But that was when she would be in her senses.. Here all her desires were making her insane.. completely senseless.. all she wanted was just to flow with the moment..the warmth she was receiving from him was making her cross all the limits of sanity.. how could she neglect the plead of those eyes, when she herself wanted to give in to the moment.. she blinked her eyes in acceptance and her hands unknowingly began removing all hindrance they faced to feel the skin, so warm and inviting.. she rubbed his back with gentle movements of her hands.. just then she saw him cupping her face and finding any hint of pain or regret in her eyes and making sure that he wasn't hurting her.. she hugged him tight in response to assure him that she wouldn't hurt.. and then the pain and pleasure she felt due to the subsequent event.. overtook every other feeling or sensation..


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