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Part 12 ( Magicia)


Part 12

Brij's Room

( oyee all Pakis listen Both speechless and softly spoken girls around 20-22 vanished in air ..if anybody see them in any forum please in form me , magicia as soon as possible ..u will be rewarded with a hot update ... and for u buddies...punjabi words ..that speechless mumble on loudspeaker Angry)

Maan was thinking that day his urgent visit to Hoshiyar Pur and the return and the most beautiful ,even one day before too he thought like that ,even though he never wanted to agree he must admit the moments he spend with Geet was the most beautiful ones' but now ..he know it's the most cursed moment of his life '.. Yes .meeting Geet and the turn of events now

When she suddenly appeared in front of him in the midst of the drizzle like a princess born to lightening and dew drop , speechlessly beautiful he ..just cant take his eyes off her ..and the besotting rain embracing her curves , he nevr knew rain could be this beautiful '

And Nayanthara's words echoed in his mind ..and that made him go numb scared then Maan Singh Khurana can not be get scared complex ..He was not at all getting what Geet spoke all he could see was her alluring beauty and sensuous eyes ..

He was picturising himself in Nayantharas words..

Actually he was returning from Nayantharas Haweli in HP . Nayanthara is Maan's fathers best friend Rathode Uncles daughter .Maan ,and Nayanthara were batch mates. They shared very warm relationship say like brother sister , She was always pure and very decent and that only made maan attracted her and she is among very few females in whole world to whom Maan don't mind talking (ya ya ..akru apney aap ko bada .."vo" samjtha hi ... magicia will say my jooti bee na baath karey ussey ..uff seedha ...hmm hmm Shhh ) . For any other if they approach maan , fire spitting from his eyes will be enough for them to shut their mouth and retreat .

So when Nayanthara wanted to speak to him , he really wondered what it will be because the next day is her Mehendi and day after her wedding and she wanted to speak him .Then the Maan singh Khurana complex that he is irresistibly hot and handsome what if Nayanthara .. No way she is a fine lady , yup "lady".. ( don't try to defend that hat fine lady's could not have womanly passion ..or only un-fine ladies can like MSK ..leave that thoughts aside as it is very sensitive time ' concentrate on the plot ..)

And he met her immediately when she called him in a restaurant in HP_Delhi highway

Then Maan shocked hearing what she wanted . She wanted Dev to marry her , as something which is taboo happened between them she is only left with one choice either to marry Dev or commit suicide. She said she and Dev had sex one week before accidently , maan clearly know Dev did never seen her with other eyes ..At least this much can expect from him .. As he is also a Khurana ..may be even a serial flirt he never can cross his limits ..He is a decent guy.. Maan tried to defend his brother .Which Nayanthara also agreed '.Maan surprised then how ..How can that be '.


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