Sunday, March 25, 2012

Part 11 (Softly Spoken)

Part 11
Geet's flashback (continue):
She opened her tightly closed eyes and tried to watch the person behind the wind screen, seated on the driving seat..his facial expressions were dangerous.. it seemed like he will come out and shoot her right then and there.. She gathered some courage and walk towards the passenger seat side..

She had only one thing in her mind.. It was her only opportunity.. she had to take lift in this car by hook or by crook .. she thought..

"#God I just don't want to lose this lift.. but he wasn't looking interested to even listen to me..main kya keroo..?#"

And when she leaned towards the window pane to talk to him.. she saw the change of expressions on his face.. from anger it turned to shock..and then it turned he lost somewhere..

She tried calling him.. but she was lost at word..

She bit her lips and said.. "Wo..wo suniye.. my car.. wo baarish.."

Damn.. nothing was falling in place.. And he was also not saying anything.. just staring her like..his eyes were made to watch her only..

She looked at him.. she shook her hand in front of his eyes to gather his attention but still no response..

She came back to upright straight position.., look above towards the sky that was continuously pouring rains.. said.."#Babaji.. aap bhi kaise kaise samples bhejte ho.. ajeeb aadmi ha.. pehle ghusse se laal ho raha tha or ab tukar tukar dekhe hi jaa raha hai.. main kya karoon.. ek lift mili thi wo bhi aisi..#" She closed her eyes.. and with another crazy idea of her open the door and with a thud sat in the car

She took a deep breath and turned to see the man staring at her like she is some other planet's specie landed straight in her car..she looked at him with a sheepish smile..


"Main Geet.." but he wasn't listening

"Wo kya hai na my car.. I just met an accident.."

"I am going to Delhi.. please mujhe Delhi tak lift de dain.. mana mat karain.. main bechari akeli lerki.. iss kali toofani raat main kahan jaaon gi.. "


She again shook her hand in front of him..

But no man.. he was a trans..


"Sun rahain hain na app.." She almost shouted..

Now she looked towards the roof of the car.. "#Babaji... Main hi mili thi kya aapko..#"

She shouted and gave him order "now will you please drive the car"

And for her extreme surprise.. He changed the gear and start turning the steering wheel.. but still in a trans..


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