Sunday, March 25, 2012

Part 4 (magicia)

Part 4

Then Daadi had the second thought ...The girl Geet , she knew Geet before .she met Geet on Nayantharas wedding . Thats how and why she send prposal to handas ...

She never thought , Geet could make Maan go breathless , yes seems he cant breath or wink ..even he did not realize or seeing what Daadi is gesturing him ..

She cursed the moment that she decided to Dev get marry first that decision is not wrong , but she should have took at least some hard steps toward to Maan getting Married ..

she thought , maan is right ..her silly mind ..thought seeing Dev get married with family ..may hopes or dreams ..may rise in Maans mind too..

yet the decision is not wrong , But Maan like this girl ..

Yes Maan like this girl and she asked Dev who was reluctant to marry first before his brother , to marry first , she sawed new dreams in his mind ...she convinced him just yesterday chanting Geet gun gan ..which she had less clue ..

She only met her ...

Nothing she knew ...

then yesterday whole night she was brainwashing Dev ,, how sweet beautiful and cute Geet is and .all ..and she stopped when she was able to saw the twinkle , she wished and she tried to bring in his eyes ...

sparkle of hope love ...

And maan too seems like her ..Oh god ..

Maan like her ..and this may be the only opportunity for her to see Maan liking some girl ..She know Maan character very well ...

very very well can she forget how come Maan hate Roses ...

Maan one day when he was 7 or 8 was sitting in terrace with daadi and daada ..then he saw a beautiful white rose in the garden ...he loved it ..he said his daadaji he is going to prick it and and he ran downstairs ..

before he reach ...the butlur who dont had a clue that Maan is coming to pick it as usual as a part of his duty cut it and too to put in vase ...

and seeing his lovely flower cut by someone else ...maan did not say a word as usual went to his special room in attique ...

His dada and daasi mom dad everybody tried to convince him gave him the rose ..he nor touched neither looked at it ..

just said ..i hate roses ...i hate flowers

and still he hates flowers..

Oh god what will happen now ..

Savitri got so confused ...

she dont know what to do ..she looked at her both grandsons/.


Dev Decided to ask something seeing beautiful girl like Geet .. mano ki usme jaan aagaya ..LOL ..he cleared his throat ..



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