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Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 5)

Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 5)
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He was just to enter the hall he saw her coming and shocked !032
Daadi ...Now ..Maans Daadi .. Here at Out House ...heading To Geet;s Room ..when ..Maan still in her Room ..and he remembered the bike romance of his sister which was not less than a third degree erotic film !’

Arman coughed .choked
He shouted ..really high !...
Even all the people dancing and chatting in the hall too paused a second hearing his shout so loud ,they stared at each other ,confused in looks , what happened , then when they cant find anything unusual they just ignored and continued what they were doing.
Daadi frowned …
 images (5)1-4808166-1115-t 30415_124221090946820_100000767901828_114564_5768002_narman 
Daadi looked at him suspiciously ....She don't know Arman she never met him but she had heard about him helping Maan , and understood it might be Arman Only ..Seeing Arman's scared face ..she understood everything … Maan in Outhouse to change Geet too in her room ,when she came outhouse she has been informed ,..then Arman giving Pehra .. She is not born as a Budiya ..
Daadi aap kaun …
Arman thought she will not understand who am i ..he really scared what if daadi took some bad meaning out of this he roaming around brides room ,ex-classmate and she is changing dress …OMG ..He was sure Riddima his basket will definitely doubt him if somebody told her this ..then daadi Omg …
Daadi repeated in a little harsh voice unpleasant by his unexpected scream
daadi  ap Kaun ..
Arman :me me ..mey ,,,
Daadi ..Ap bakree ki Tharah mey mey kyun kar rahee ho ..
Arman grr .pehley behan called him memdak( frog) her saas calling him bakree(goat) ..uff enough but daadi’d personality  oops ..
Arman instantly mey Bhaee
Daadi Kaha ke ..Dubai ke ya Mumbai ke
Arman ..i am from Patyala 
Daadi really worried ..Oh Bhaee log patyala mey bhee .. Ye mera India ..
Arman now understood what she meant …
Armaan :;oh oh o… no ..oh no no…I am geet ka Bhaee ..Arman .her calssmate and ..Muhboley Bhaee..waiting for her to come out and do kanya dan ..just thats it ..all came out in one breath ….
daadi smiled warmly ..tapped his cheeks ..and
Daadi ..Oh K betey Hum apko Dekthey hi Samaj gaya …. Ok Kanyadan u only do but haldee tho honey dey ..
and she walked ahead …
Arman OMG ..If Daadi have a glimpse of the site over there she is defenotely going to have  a heart attack and ..merey behan ka shaadi will be postponed ..and the pace in which Maan and geet get along ..if shadi get postponded ..OMG behan may deliver a baby before shaadi ..he screamed again …
Daadi felt like her eardrums will explode ..Uff Ithana bee drama karney ka Kya Zarooratha hi …Kya Mey ye Sab Samjthee Nahee
She had a wonderful Jawani behind in her past ...which she misses a lot ...
She sighed .. really heavily  .
..and ..really irritated ...Everybody playing Ufff ..What to hide from me ..
Why they think i am another Gusad Budiya and Giving me unwanted respect and trapping in these Rasm and rivaz ..Uff ..She was super happy when she figured herself out a wonderful idea to get in to Outhouse
As soon as Maan gone Anu and Shashank approached her along with Amruth , According to anu's palns ..some elderly lady in Geets family must be there to perform,start rituals and they cant find any , Riddima and Anjali are Bachees and Dr.Kirti even though elder to them unmarried don't have a clue ...There is no female close to Geet to be actually called an elder ...and do rasms ...Daadi's eyes Sparkled ...she said ....
Ha ...ha ..rasm tho zaror nibhana hi
By then she had figured out Amruth actually tricked her , she was sure Maaneet will be in something (blushing matter ) That Geet cant come out and Amruth Over Smarted .. She was dying to meet Geet and …
She saw excitement in Amruths nature , so she cunningly understood
Hmm Now Being no One in Geets family to play the role , generous Amruth may be taking the invitation ,and show off she did it just because she has to ..! and be in company of her Bahu …Amruth U are my bahu and i May be Your Saas ..but i Am Daaadi ..abhee thumey i will show yOur Naani …  
Savitri put a sad look ..

Hmm ..Rasm tho Nibhana hi ..Muh Dikhayee bhee hi …
She asked Amruth , When u came as bahu in Palace its me who had done the Ceremony Right …
Yes ..Manji , I was thinking Geet is going to be very lucky to have u with us to do it …
Oh No Bahu , Its you ..Now , Thum Ho Saas I am just a Daadi saas , So , we are indeed lucky , Now You do Muh Dikhayee and i am going to be Ladkewaley Officially ….Ok
without watching Amruths reaction she walked towards out house …
because she know well how smart Amruth is and if she stay there another second ,she is going to trap me . and without looking back Savitri said ..

Bahoo Palace mey Milthey hi ..and
she went happily smiling leaving crestfallen Amruth
Maan slowly inched towards and Geet stepped backwards ..
Maan smirked seeing her actually stepping backward towards the room …
he said ,..hmm you very smart  and maan closed the door behind him ..u actually remind me that we are in corridor and u dont want anyboy see us ..
she had a cute innocent look ,she was not getting what he says but very tensed why he closed the door .
[maan closing door picture]
hmm so u think i am going to do something that none should see..
Ahhh geets jwas dropped down hearing his allegation …
Maan inched closer and she fell back at the sofa …Bolo Geet ..Thumney Aisa Hee Kuch Socha hi na….
185721_152620738132993_100001552038630_310397_7933260_nshe mumbled she was in a terribly angry in  attack mood a second before but he almost laying atop of her and when his hot breath fanning on her face and actually drying the sweets forming on her philtrum  she swallowed deep ..263053_201431169902662_117720784940368_552557_3910589_nOh Man she is so …vulnerable .he sighed ..How can i going to manage much i have to control ….. the glitter in her eyes .. wide open in stare and the fantasies hidden in it ..just giving me an instant arousal … Maan huskily rubbed his nose  drawing in line with her cupids bow ..…and asked seductively ..
bolo Geet ..Bolo Naa,..
Kya Socha tha Thumney …..
Geet ..mey may …

to be continuedd…………..


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