Monday, December 26, 2011

MG-SS-Christmas Gift –Scene 3 Hospital Part 3 :Will Keep You Busy Sweet Heart

Scene 3 Hospital
Part 3
Will Keep You Busy Sweet Heart

11.05 pm ,24th December 2011
There stood Maan smiling , tears in the corner of his eyes.... her eyes too Moistened
Geet crossed her hands in front and hugged herself as if to control emotions ...and spoke softly
"So found me "
He nodded winked still naughtily smiling advanced her crouching as a lion traps his prey.
She slowly took steps backward ,scaring and at the same time delighted in his expected actions
He found her naughtiness Ravishing

"some one was really busy that they don't wanted to turn for one second to look back "
reminding the way she stopped for a moment and left church immediately without looking him back , he was sure that she realized its him the moment he hold her and without even looking at his face .
She smiled sheepishly , he caught her , no more excuses
"duty calls " she murmured , but he could hear.
Maan took one more step ahead ..
"hmm duty , “ he frowned ,his mouth drawn in a thin line in discontentment and disappointment ,geet fell all over again for his cuteness  ..” And You are NOT going to leave your job After Marriage"
"Brilliant , NOP" She said Appreciatively
"What if i Make you really busy like them??" hinting some pregnant woman walking around there as suggested by Doctors ,she shied ..bowed her head ,all the shades of red swipe through her face ,nose lips bright red ..
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" Then ..i have to .." She whispered , Only Maan could hear her who was just a breath away now
.Maan though Oh God she is so Inviting .. He took her lips before she could complete the sentence .
She Hugged him Tightly as if she never let him go ..


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