Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chapter 51: Torture continues (part1)

Chapter 51: Torture continues
06 December 2011
Dedicated to abina my darling for getting me those apt pictured to get inspired to write this update thank you abina and Er Vinsh Khanna 
Geet shook her head , heard him pissing , she giggled ..then he saw him stripping his shirt off and getting rid of his pants quickly though the mirror ...

She gulped her saliva and  stopped to breath ...!!!!!
For some moments she dont know actually what to say ,screaming his  name and ask him to shut the door was no where in the mind , which was an obvious reaction to situation . But here she ..

The droplets sprinkled from shower fell on his face , he closed letting himself enticed in their embrace.
Lift his head up little ..droplets find their way down touching softly his well chiselled cheeks

Geet gulped , the water flowing down his face when took a curvaceous path around his adams apple ...

She cant take her eyes of the water droplets sprinkling around after touching his broad shoulders and chest  which was more beautiful than the diamonds displayed in the shops , the globules of water spreading around was a vivacious sight

She dared not to look below .. Because whatever she is watching now is more than enough for her to wet all her inners .. She could feel the sweat forming around the black in the middle of her curves , she cant take it anymore ,, She closed her face with the blanket and then turned on sides , unable to control her urge sheer feminine youthful vibrant,  she peeked out of blanket showing her forhead and eyes only ..

Maan could also see her expression from that angle , he was not able to hold the laugh and her piercing eyes was arousing him , he hold the wall in front of him still in shower , leaned ,bent his head in pushing managed to hid his face ..
Then he started to apply soap , turning off the shower , he saw her peeking and dont want to disappoint her ..
He poured pierce liquid soap on his body  golden transparent , resembled honey , ...she self thought honey on my Honey , well the strong  desires paved deep inside her was so strong  that she was not able to realize when it ruptured and shattered and powdered the mountains of guilt and finally dissolved in the creamy passion traceless
So the "MY HONEY"" was not at all bewildering her ..and she continued her drooling ..

She vigorously dreamed of her hands moving tracing every inch of his body spreading the soap and ... She even bite hard her lips wool gathered thinking biting his neck right in the middle and shook her body when pain hit her brain ..she let out a "shhhchhh"sound of pain ..

Of course  Maan heard it all his attention was on her only , he decided to torture more so that there left no option he came out of his shower , now .. The barrier of a washbasin hiding his vital part was no more alive ...he moved freely in front of the mirror with fully grown manhood drawing a 90 degree to his long and sexiest legs ...
Her heart skipped many breath that she needed to hold her chest ,and the breast when touched by her hand itched to core and trembled down when she instantly took her hands off her chest struggling with the madness

Precap: dirty dance ...(this part is not over yet ..but news about Geet ending ..took all my energy away and while writing ... Oyee me  getting mad out of wild thoughts ... )

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