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Chapter 52. Quibbles Rubbled Part 2

Chapter 52. Quibbles Rubbled

continued here too

hh ..Oh ,, no ... No chai No coffe ,... Oh Mamma ... ... Already we gone too too sso far ..merey Mummy Abhee Ayngey ..Mai Unko Kya jawab .doon... ... Nahee Nahee ... Ab now tigress has to wait ... ..Vo Sirf hamarey Suhag Rath ko ... Vo ... ""  she stopped and stared at him .. He continued Naughtily Looking at her perplexed face ...

"Vo ..for your information ..aj ..evening 7 O clcok meim hi ../u know the Shanti muhurath .and all for healthy baby ..""

She withdrawn from him with tears in her eyes .hodling blanket across her chest she sat showing her back to him , her body was shivering in pain ..He understood her plight , but ..he let things reach this far now he cant let it go .. 

He slowly moved his fingers behind her back ...drawing pattern ... And ..""Ithna Jaldee naraz ..Biwi bana nahee .. Us sey pehley Nakrey Shuru .. No NO ..Acha ..Me too going in Rootna mood ..And think what if we both like this with ..muh foola ..all teh wedding snapps going to come funny ..and tomarrow our kids will ask ..""

Geet cant bear anymore .. cant marry you Maan"" ...turned him crying ..and he instantly hold her on his chest ..  And she cried like a baby .. Her all pain ... He , who elese knew her better , why he has done all these ... Just for her ...because he knew well , after what happened to her ...that sajjan ..his blood instantly boiled thinking about the bas***d , but he was restraining from any thought of revenge right now .. Because its his time for him to bring back his princess back to life ...his mother told him to keep away al thoughts of revenge and  fully concentrate on her with heart full of love only only ..

With the answer she had given to Rahul he knew well even after knowing he is all for her only she will not be ready to accept him .. And he really feared actually he dont know what to make her beleive , that she is . The same difference ..for him ..her being raped ..never matters to him...

She is his life ... His soul ...

He cant let her fell in the hell of sadness , feeling of unworthy ... He continued ,with all cheer he could put in his voce
"" oh god ..u are too much modern ...What u prefer a live in relationship ... ??  Dont you trust me fear i will not give you respect after ..being my wife ..and think about our kids no ...

My family never allow that ..sorry ..u Should marry me ..only ... No other option for you that we already ... Gone actually too far ...""

Geet closed his mouth with her hands ."" Stop Maan you know well what happeend with me ...still you wnat to marry me ... I was ...She cried ..He that ...Monster ..."" she cried ...

He snapped her hand and jumped out of bed ..madly throwing things on the table and room ...
(thanks specho ki)
"That bas***d dare he ever touch my Wife ..I will kill him ,...
If Mamma did not pleaded to take rest i would have crushed him under my foot ...Dam ..he hit hard his hand on the walls bleeding ...Scaring ...Geet ..""

Geet rushed to him .."stop it Maan ..You cant ...""
(thanks benish arzoo for these pictures)
Maan angrily Turned her ..Shook her hand away .."" With What right You are Holding me ... And stop acting Geet , the posessiveness i am feeling .. I know ... You too need not be given any name of marriage .i know ..its far far beyond that ....But It was your dream  ..and that makes it my dream too .. To have a marriage ... And Our Suhag Rath special just like u wanted ..dreamy .  and my life in this earth is to full fill ur dreams only ...a dreamy wedding and an even more dreamy SuhaG Rath ....."  his eyes twinkled 

She turned away from him ..and madly spat "That was when ...That geet Died Maan ..Long Back ... That Dream was hers ..not mine ..i dont deserve .am not worthy ..for you ..u special ..., U will get a far better girl than me .(she was struggling with words even she cant express in words of him being another ones , maan couldnt take it anymore ).I have no right to ..""

He strongly Hold her shoulders turned her to him ..

"her ...  Whats this Geet ...  ME special ..Yes i am special when i have you then only ok .. ..its you and your love making me feeling making us ..special ...and marriage Without Marriage You Cant stay with me right ? .and What about me ..go behind some girl and make you jealous and make u come back .a.nd alll ...I am sure.. But its life Geet ..enough ..Why you cant see me in pain Geet , why you stopped me ... From hurting ... Isnt it your love ...""

She droped the hands she was holding  "" and turned her afce other side .. ""  Its ..because i am a doctor ..""
 (speechless killed me with these pictures uff)

continued ..dont want cliff hanger one more part coming up  page 129


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