Monday, December 26, 2011

MG-SS-Christmas Gift –Scene 3 Hospital Part 2 :Knock On My Heart

Scene 3  Hospital
Part 2
Knock On My Heart

10.50 pm 24th December 2011

Arundhati had Nobody , she married her love her classmate against her parents wishes and they got settled in this country .It was their mutual decision until they get success in their business they started together, they wont have kids .They together hand in hand toiled up a hill to hit the success .Negligence paid out and Arundhati had some abortions during the course . Arundhati 's part in company and in her husband's life slowly reduced as her health started to deteriorate , and above all an abortion was not at all recommended. Frequent missing of her husband explaining hectic work finally explained in detail when she received a Divorce notice on grounds never existed and merely meaningless. She did not protested because she dont wanted that man who dont deserve her ,in her life anymore .She was a fighter ,and found a new job and settled .But one day she fainted on streets while returning from work and admitted hospital . And Geet the Nurse there became her only family.
Geets duty will finish at 12 ,but she dont wanted to go really . Arundhati started to have cramps lower abdominal pains , she informed Dr.Meera the duty doctor , but Meera cant do much as she was just a junior doctor and Arundhati ’s case really serious and had called Dr.Alice her senior , who had an Off that day.But she said she is busy with Her Christmas celebration and asked to wait until morning and added to chart her duty on OT  ,she knew well what Arundhati needed ..still told to wait ..Meera had to agree..…  .Geet's experience told her what Arundhati needed that time an Immediate C-section , already Arundhati and Child is in a really dangerous state. But as just a nurse she cant do anything but to pray , and she seek permission from dismayed Meera to allow 1 hour break.
Geet came back and straight gone to Arundhati who smiled seeing Geet , in Pain , Geet Hold her hand sat beside her and said ,"don't worry Mother Mary told me Nothing will Happened to You and Baby . ‘she patted on Tummy and the kid moved visibly ,and acknowledged Massi’s caresses  '  Geet said “Welcome Angel ”. and laughed ,Arundhati smiled and bite her lips to control pain .
Sister. Rimi signalled Geet to come out .
She sadly told that Dr.Alice called few minutes before and asked about Geet , and she had to tell that Geet not here and she asked Geet to extend duty till morning as punishment for taking break and must meet her before leaving in her cabin
Geet smiled and said Oh God is great , i asked him to help me to be with Arundhati and see
( Nurses are not allowed to stay at hospital once their duty is over in that Hospital) .... Ok Rimi Your duty is over Right  Go and Enjoy Christmas ..ok
she tapped gently Rimis Cheek Both Hugged and Rimi said , Ya i will leave after Sr.Roshni come ok I dont want to leave u Alone
Geet said Thank You ....
Geet turned to go back inside , but she felt a bristle pass through her spine and turned swiftly  !  She felt him there …….!


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