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Chapter 48 : Memoirs Molten in Mystery

Chapter 48 .Molten Memoirs in Mystery
30 November 2011

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She got answer to all her confusion
She stared at him , he in same pose with lots and loads of Love in his eyes ...only love ...

So whatever happened was true ,he kidnapped her ! Before she could think Chameli is alone ..  His love declaration and plead to get married bombarded her thoughts

He kidnapped me because he loves me ..and want to marry me!  Whats going on ...

He can Move stand on his foot ...!! How  ??   From when ??

She felt like her head spinning , she was about to fell , Maan cheerily stood up he was well confident that she will not fall or get a single scratch when he is around ,and Hold her before falling

He was Intensely looking at her hazel eyes with all love one ever could find in this world and she stared at him , his gaze was intoxicating for some moments she dont know what she was doing ..its like she immersed in the depth of his gaze and the sweetly creamy flow of passion was greasing her whole body tickling the  unimaginable feelings of being mesmerised ,captured ,addicted, when his saving turned a tight embrace ... And slowly he lean closer to her and his chin , coarse with small stubbles grazed at her chin ,and their lips just a nail distance away ..


When it rained as if nature blessing their togetherness Geet came back to her senses and withdrawn from him , he hold her tight , naughtily smiled , but she forced and then he left her still with that cute smile ..  She shot an angry glare and moved back ..  He still in smile he crossed his arms on chest , and very passionately like he yearns for her made a face and slightly opened his mouth a little ,,very little and moved his lips , the perfect shaped little as if he feeling craving for a kiss ...

She got agitated , She frowned , anger or shyness her face turned red , whatever maan like both , he chuckled seeing her face ..

She  mumbled something , may be "pervert "Maan Guessed ..and he shied and then slowly raised his eyes , full of naughtiness
He traced his tongue around his lips little as if tasting something left in his lips , wetting it

Her eyes popped out , she lifted her hands up and try to hold something in air ,shook her hands as if she want to crush him ..

""yello besharmee kee bhee koi Hug hothee hi... "" type made an annoyed face , pouted and  stomped towards house ,

Maan laughed merrily and stretched his arms in air ..breath in  softly  try to grab the seductive smell of nature for a while enjoyed the drizzle ..he watched her marching back home angrily at first then he saw ,her foot steps slowing down , she shaking .. Getting difficult to walk ..


He understand her plight well , he ran back her even without seeking her permission lifted .. Ignoring her complaining angry glare and walked towards villa ,, at first she was calm , then she started protest seems now only she actually able to understand the situation...

He smiled coolly walked towards villa softly laid her in the sofa , and turn back and she understood what he is upto she quickly tried to escape ran to fron door , before that he stopped her playfully like some kabadi play and closed the door locked and took the key and placed it high at the small window , actually a  ventilator above the door . Geet angrily ..

"what do you want , "" then she cant hide her curiosity "" how long u have been ok ..""and why did u kidnapped me ??

He acted as if head ache with touching his forehead ..dramatically

""oh too many questions ..."!"" 

""Madam when Munshiji told me u are really ... Actually ..waiting for a moment ..looking at her face  u are really annoying and nagging type ...i should have believed him

She got angrier , when she is in the midst of confusion tension and worry and above all uncertainty in her life like never before  he is playing funny

Look Mr took a while for her to recall and and actually confused to decide what to call him ..

He helped her ..Maan ...Maan Singh Khurana ..(in his mind ..not huggy teddy darling , but i love  u calling me any name ..)

Geet ha mr Singh Khurana ..Answer me first ,,somehow she was least sacred , the soul to soul connection unknown to her , just her conscious mind dont want her to accept she is sacred because the situations highly demands it .. 

A stranger kidnapped her ..and .that stranger to her biggest shock was the same man she was with last 4 years.!!!!!!!!   Any person could have gone mad in suh situation but last few weeks things happening to her life she was completely tempered to accept any shock ..

Geet shouted ""Answer me first?""  how long u have been alright and why u kidnapped me ...especially ..when .. Giving a meaningfullook from top to bottom especially when u dont need me..

Maan chuckled realax...

And he sat on the sofa ..leaning back ..stretching his legs to the coffe table , like geet used to sit to study placing her foot on maans bed .. 
Maan please madam , be patient and quiet ..ia m not going to hurt you ..please ...

Geet "" why u calling me Madam ..I am geet call Me Geet , then stopped she dont want to give him taht easily privilage to call her by nam me dr.Geet ...

Maan nodded as if he read every thoughts of her , 

He stood and hold her shoulders and forced her to sit ... And give a glass of water , she silently obeyed .

He said standing on his knees near her ...

It has been almost one month i am like this , no more bed ridden like a vegetable ...

She raised his face , her face turned pale , he understood her plight ...

He lied ...

After u left , when u finished your college ,   without waiting for convocation u went back , your college people told me ...

She sighed , he regained conseous after me leaving , ...he thought she may be thinking like taht ..tahts the sigh .. Then he saw tinges of pain slowly scorching her eyes..before she get in to it he continued ..

I am sorry we had to hide so much things for my security , i was undergoing Dr.Shashanks treatments , Ur Dean ..sorry we didnt informed you , He as a last trial went China and with the help of some Monks ,they agreed and accompanied here to help me .. get me the neural treatments .. Some extreme type of acupuncture type inducing my nerves and , it hadn't took me 2 weeks to be the same old me ...I am not a person belong to medical field so i have limited knowledge about my treatment ...

He tried to be normal maximum unexcited , and wanted to prove that she and her any affect ahs nothing to do with his regaining conscious ..he dont want let her know that he actually remembers her

Then Munshiji told me u were here all teh time for me ..., and i really wnated to tahnk you for what you have done for me ...

He concluded ,

He dont wanted her to feel embarrassed ,
He wanted her to make understand ...what he feels for her ..and ...he cant discuss with her that tooo ...because they are not even acquainted and get in to straight discussion of sex, that too a girl who has been raised in the world where prayers and pain only pertain 

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Any decent girl would .be embarrassed to death And Maan knew Geet more than Geet herself knew her.
She is a typical Indian Girl , India where girls commit suicide if they get raped , fearing ignominy considering themselves as being pavitr"( Impure  )  when they haven't done any thing wrong at all , still they fear and dare not face the world ,,and here she herself according to her done gone physical with him , that too him in a vegetative state ..pathetic ...  If it ahs been done to a female people will definitely can not forgive taht person at all ...   She being civilized knew well what she had actually done , the emotional trauma pain of being going to dejected for the rest of life ...etc can not be counted or cant be stated to justify what she has done according to her ..""normal "" mind ...

So Maan was sure the least thing she want to face in her life is her past , memoirs with maan ,
When she can easily escape with Arman like friends help , fearing to face again even the world which give her reckoning of what she had done killing her ..the fear of death or everything worse happened to her was nothing in front of teh self detainment she feeling for herself .

Only thing , a girl like her is not committing suicide because being a doctor she knew well value of life and the value of herself as a doctor to the community ...

magicia feeling unable to get enough words to explain maans pov on geets pov ..

Ok let me try ..

simply think a very good god fearing decent girl ...who dont even had a boy friend simple ...

Ok a person ,,a human a vegetative state ...

She is well educated , civilised , well mannered what not a good girl has to have

And she do sex with him ..

Whatever emotional pain strain behind that cant be counted by either by herself or by the civilised society sh belong ..its not that she fear what people think ..its fear for herself shame ...

Because if she was man doing the same with woman in coma !  What she could have she/any person hearing it would have felt ...

He being a man and she woman can not be considered for any justification  if we think impartially and so does she ...

So she is hiding herself from all those memories ...dont want to face it at all ...)

He knew well a clever sensible girl like her will definitely find out what all happened with her , any soon , she is not a 11 year from some alien planet , she is Dr.Geet..
But he wanted her to give to settle down to the situation ..accept teh existence of Maan .. Gain courage enough to face Maan , she needed time ..
By making all these arrangements he just wanted that ...

If she had faced Maan , full normal ,she would definitely recall what she had done with him ..gone crazy mad out of shame regret pain ..and ..the least thing maan wanted was to giv e her any pain ...

So all these efforts ..

(for those confused darlings of Maans dramatic behaviour and instant proposal)

And , when he found that she learned that what all things around her was just a set up ..he dont wanted her to waste any single moment ,thinking the past mishaps with her , her sin towards him..etc ...he by instantly proposing filled her thoughts with...

Confusion amusement (which cant register) astonishment ...anger ... Irritation .. Naughtiness ..and all that emotions which dont have traces of pain and remorse ...

Then when he was talking he felt the shiver in her voice , the scare ,,of being caught .. Even though he was smiling playing naughty he was thoroughly watching each and every reaction from her face , not only for getting enticed but also he want to grasp her each thought and make things possible as less painful as he could .If he could he wanted to rewrite her past ...from the beginning of unhappy childhood , but may be in that he may not be anywhere but he cared damn all he wanted is her happiness ..and he was confident that her happiness now lies in him only ..only in his love and ..that confidence was oozing in the every stupendous actions may consider or drama people may make fun of ... But he was sure that whatever he do is easing her pain agony and helping her gaining back her true persona



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