Monday, December 5, 2011

Chapter 50 : Torture Begins

Chapter 50 : Torture Begins
05 December 2011

Geets eyes poped out ..." what he is going to do with me ...he is a complete obsessed mad :PSYCHO !!!!!!!!!!!!


She opened her eyes , When she dozed off she had no idea ! ..He tied her ..and then he got some phone call and he went outside , then occasionally come and check her . Rub her tied hands to sooth the pain caused by tight tying , then again he went out after 2 hours came back with an iron chain and handcuff attached to the end of it and locked its other end along  with bedpost , now the cuffs iron ring is free around her wrist like wearing some bangle with ability to move her hand freely and no pain . Geet was scared and but as doctor she was now almost confirmed he is some psychopath , so better option is to keep quiet untill he take his next move ..

And above all , he did not seemed interested in what most girls fear when captured , she did not noticed him taking any interest in her body , actually madam gets it lost when she stare at him and instead of watching and grabbing his thoughts she gets immersed and failed in her emotions ..desires ..and shw quickly turn her attention to something else and free herself from the wild un figurable thoughts and rise in heartbeats ..

And she remained silent , and was eagerly waiting for somebody to come and she planned to save her energy to scream then. But none came ..:( she waited and waited ..finally slept ..

It may be 7 or 8 o Clock ... She hit her head , She shouldn't have slept like that what if the Munshiji came evening to take something or anybody ..

She wanted to go to toilet , call him or not ..oh god what if the stupid get me a bedpan or diaper ..! .. Its really seems to difficult to hold it  She decided to call him finally ..before she could call , she saw him at teh door with a tray , the soup bread and all ..she wanted to tell i used to give you the babyfood like thing , but kept quiet ka koi barosa nahee ...

And she was feeling really shy to seek permission to piss likein school ...

She grittetd her teeth and ...""mujey jaana hi .."" ..the mumbling was unclear , she made all kind of faces ..but ...he was
Now in the psycho mod totally ingnored her plead and araaam se put tray on the table nearby , though in his mind he was actually rofling seeing her faces ..

He started to arrange , the plate .. She totally defeated called him .. ""Ji Suniye""

He one moment hold his chest and shuddred for the suniye ... Suniye suniye ...Hayeee..

He turned her ""Ji Kahiye ..""

Geet mumbled ..""Grr Nautanki ..Psycho ..""

He was waiting for her , she said hinting the bathroom door  mujey jana hi .. ..
He obediently very sincerely came to her and was about to lift her she said ..unintentionally ..cribing ..
""chee chee babaji , apkey liye ..hum logon ney two male nurses rakey they ye sab karvaney ke liye ..""

He stopped and looked shockingly ..thinking oh dramaqueen what u want kesar and romeo ..!
She as if understood his thoughts quickly cleared ..""Oh no ap ladkey they ..isliye hisb se you should have arrange me some female nurse or ..for now .let me do it myself ..i promise ..i will not run away ...let me go and then we continue this coma caring drama ..."" she was in her hurry ..

He quietly unchained her ,, she jumped out of bed and with quick short steps ran to washroom ...

He smiled seeing her silly act , and cute ness ..

He slowly stepped near washroom door and hide himself behind wall ..

She when done she thought about escape , but she was sure that if she tried to run it will be a bad idea because living there 4 years she was sure she cant run all 3 4 kilometers at least to reach out of the property and ... The villa was top of hill and it will be easy for him to find out ..he did not seemed dangerous ..only playful ..she dont know from where that smile touched her lips ..she pouted at her image on mirror ..
She complained ..""Not fair .."" still the laugh in her face was bright

She got angry at her image ..and scold it ""here mera jaan jal raha hi and thuhmey kya mazak sooj rahee hi whya are you laughing ,, .. ""  still the pleasure in her face , just glittered more only ..finall agve up .""Chaddo ..""

She slowly took her steps and hold her ears near the door and tried to sense the sound outside ..nothing she slowly opened the door and peeked her head out turn it left .then on right her face poked on his shoulders  he was waiting for her leaning his back on wall patiently , he smiled at her ...

She straightened rubbing her nose ...""ki ki ki ."" donkey laugh ...

He replied with same style "Ki KI ""
 (ki ki is a special kind of grin laugh .)
She again ki ki ..
He again ki ki ...hinting her hands and holding handcuffes ..
She pouted and stretched her hand in front of her letting him tie it again ..'

He slowly feed the food , she was hungry without complain she had it ..

She asked him .."" how long you are going to serve me this .."sir ::""  he was taking plates ..
He sat back near her on her bed ,,and leaned to her ... Face mere inches away ..."PAUSE ..her heart ..

She turned her gaze to otherside unable to face him , and continued ..""U cant keep me like this life long , u have other jobs to do ..right looked at him ..""

He wished to say ...""serve you ...i am your slave geet ...""
 but said ..laughing ..""ya Ya .. See i am feeling very bored here ..and i am very happy that you are here ..""
Geet : xciteldly .."why cant you go back to life before your accidnet .. You defenitely might have friends family ..and .."" she paused .."" you remember them right ..??""

Maan self thought ..""thank you sweet heart , you giving me ideas ..such a sweety , you are my inspiration ..""

He made a puppy face .."" i wish i could .."" she shocked ..he continued .."" Dr.Shashank told as my mental balance is not yet ok , i need to stay here only , i am getting confused and uncomfirtable when starngers around .. Because they all resemble me of something and head start spinning and me having continuous head aches painful Dr.Shashank told me to rest a while here with medicationa nd exercise and Yoga ... Then i will be alright in a month ..

I was getting bored here everyday , then when i thought about me laying here 4 years without anybody i gone really amd ..i asked Munshiji .. Then he told me about you guys

You , Kesar and Romeo .Bindiya Madam ..all wonderful people . Kesar and Romeo Rejoined Sanjeevani , Dr.Shashank got them for me  na .. Bindiya Madams .. Husband dont like and allow her coming here anymore since i am alright now ..

Munshiji told me about everything ..and he told you are such a  sweet lady ..and me ..""

Geet dont wnat him to chant again ..""you so sweet you Marry me amnthra ...""

Geet stopped him .."hmm ok ok ..""
She thought ..uff ye sab us budda munshiji ke vajah se .. Ek tho salary bahuth kum detehy they now .is psycho ko bhee mera peecha daal diya it makes sense ..why he is like this .. So Dr.Shashank .said .it will take a little time ..hmm , so better keep quiet ...
""  when Dr.Shashank will come here to visit you again ,.."" she quickly but casually asked ..
Maan "Day after tomorrow Madam he informed me .. And i told him about you ..that you came back ..he is very happy he told you to stay here untill he comes ..he really want to speak to you .and said me , do not let you go under any circum stances now i am doing double duty one serving you ...and then keeping you safe away from you know ..your enemies ...and your sister is safe there ..Armaan is there with her  ..and doctors really suggested that you stay away from her ..right ?? "" he said as if he telling story to some baby ..scary one

Geet  was  getting restless , by Mentioning Dr.Shashank want to see her , then when Maan said its for her safetly and all she felt releived , doctor may be want to talk her about the events at Jungle pur and may wnat her to stay here .. For my safety , and when she heard Arman with Chameli she really felt happy . Now nothing could be happened with her ,Psychiatrists advised Geet to stay away from Chameli because they scared may be Geets face will bring her memories of her past , so Chameli was kept in the asylum , geet was allowed to see her from a distance only.. Now she really felt happy , OK .. Now seems everything settled and this psycho problem will be solved once DR.Shshank comes here ..and she felt strange why this psycho is left alone like this ..may bhe treatment ..He may  needed some lonliness to get back himself ...well now think like this geet you are here to take care of him  stop fighting and wait for doc to come ...   and the food was delicious she leaned back ..closed her eyes ..

Maan took tray and came back after

and to avoid further talk she told maan ..
'"i am sleepy . Please close the door when you go , see (showing her handcuffs) i cant go anywhere ...its really strong ..""

And again closed her eyes ..

He said .."" ok ok you sleepy ok .let me take bath and i will go and he rushed to washroom ..""

Geet stopped him ..""hey its my washroom u use the other one ... ""
Maan :"" one is not clean and the other one gieser is not working ..then ..he twisted his legs as if he got ..really urgent and said ..uff u stopped me and rushed to washroom ...without even closing the door ...

Geet shook her head , heard him pissing , she giggled ..then he saw him stripping his shirt off and getting rid of his pants quickly though the mirror ...

She gulped her saliva and  stopped to breath ...!!!!!

Ha ah now let me stop here ..wicked me ..not ..kya karey time nahee hi ..please read and press likes ..

Mera likes kithna kum miltha hi .

Precap : u can guess 

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