Monday, December 26, 2011

MG-SS-Christmas Gift –Scene 3 Hospital Part 4 : Welcome Christmas Morning with My Wifey

Scene 3 Hospital
Part 4
Welcome Christmas Morning with Wife
11.20 pm 24th December 2011
Meera Almost stopped to breath ,she shot a silent prayer
Jesus ..Please ..Dont give anymore Excitement In This Christmas night ..My Little Heart Cant Hold It ,
She heard sister Rimi giggling , by then almost all people on that corridor has stopped whatever they were doing and was enjoying the love birds ,lost in their passion ..hugging and kissing , Meera felt a tickle scorching her chests .
felt herself ready instantly on what she was seeing and She terribly missed Karan , then got angry in next second .. Quickly , thank God , Only adults were around this hour
She went near to Maan and Geet and Called Maan tilting her red face to other side ..
Maan ……….paused ..
Maan and Geet were far away from there in their own dreamland ecstasy speeding up the blood in their veins ,
Meera felt so helpless what to do ...!
Then the alarm rang , from the ward ,some patient need attention. Meera shouted ..
Ok ..Everybody leave , She stared angrily Rimi ... Come …Stop drooling! ...Rimi murmured cribbed something and with other nurses went inside the Ward along with Meera.
Geet tried to Push Maan ..she bite his earlobe softly seductively , and whispered . Maan they need me ..
There are so Many ..Maan replied in a Husky voice and nuzzled her neck , tickling her and his hands automatically went around her cute round flesh on her back , he hold it  ,and slowly licked her neck ...
Wow your Ass grown greater .Really..!!
This time Geet pushed him Really Hard , He was about to fell, they got hold the Wall ..and chuckled , locked her in between his arms ...
Geet Pleaded indicating the ward
Please ... Just half an hour more ,
Maan pouting , looked at his watch , OK ,10 minutes ...
Please ...Please ..somebody need me ....she feared it may be Arundhati ,..She begged ....
And i Need you .. He leaned over her ,his weight on her , and rubbing their torso, trapping her between wall and his body leaving her immobile ...
Ok 20 minutes i will come down ..OK ... he looked at his eyes s yearning praying ..
He smiled .. OK ..
I will wait for you in The Parking ...
He quickly turned to leave , then took the bags from his guards and handed over to Geet ,
Get ready and Come ..I will be waiting ... paused
I want to Welcome Christmas Morning with My Wifey , he hold her chin placed a soft kiss on her forehead quickly left . He cant wait for her anymore .. and reluctantly got away from her
And Geet peeped at the bags when she rose her head he was gone .she smiled crying and then …. She immediately went to the ward


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