Monday, December 26, 2011

MG-SS-Christmas Gift –Scene 3 Hospital Part 1 :You are Invited

Scene 3 Hospital
Part 1
You are Invited

10. 45 pm , 24 December 2011

Dr.Meera was pacing restlessly after getting Maan's message she was not able to sit , Maan ..She wanted to pull all hairs of her head , she was angry ..Ye Maan , what's he doing ..Isn't it Some Joke ..
I am planning to Marry Nurse Geet of Your Hospital
Find for me where she is Now
I am coming To Pick Her Up
Ps: You are Invited to our wedding after the Christmas Mass at Church make yourself free by then
Meera was shocked ..After 1 and half our Maan’’s wedding ?? !!! She really felt is it some joke But she knew Maan very well so it Cant be a Joke , so thinking about Its seriousness she felt like chocking .. Meera had been a unofficial fiancée of Maan ., ,she can never forget him for what he did to her .Meera was a family friends daughter . On Every Parties Maan's parents introduce him new Girls hopefully , just to get Answer No from Maan
And one such weekend Party, Meera when she met him requested him to not say a No , but Don't say yes Too Maan frowned Meera Said She loves A Hindu Boy Karan and want to marry him , so Maan's saying nothing will bloom expectation in their parents mind and she will get time until Karan comes back from US after doing his MS and Maan agreed .And later she married Karan. And for That Meera is greatly grateful to him and really love him like a brother
Maan came with a two Guys following him with some shopping bags , "Wedding Centre " Meera could read what's written there ..she feels dizzy she tried to hold the wall for support . By them Maan came and Hugged .
maan and meera
Congratulate Me He ordered cheerily ,then looking at her , U not yet ready , Get ready soon You come with Us
And passed her his Mobile ,  could u do one favour please send messages to all in contacts , up to k i already sent after that ..please will you do it for me ...please ..
Ha he before moving ahead after handing over the phone ..
Tell me where is Geet's Duty today ..??
She is in Labour ward , Shocked Meera replied ..
Maan laughed , Wow Just great  .. we are going to be regular there ..he winked at Meera
I hope ...
Maan gone following direction signals on walls ..
Meera stood Numb , a moment , then whacked herself at forehead ..
Oh what i am doing , seems  Geet too don't have a clue about it i am sure , she asked about 1 hour before permission to go to Church pray for Arundhati , did she returned Meera wondered ..when did Maan meet her ..??
, i should have told Geet when i got the text message itself , uff , what Geet will think about me ..,
Meera dont wanted to loose geet’s friendship , she  knew geet well how she react when men misbehave with her ..Maan thu tho aj peetenga ... Oh God . i must save him .
Almost everybody among staff will be knowing Maan , Dr.Dayana's son ...Oh god.. Maan Thumney Mujey Kaha Fasa Diya …! ..she ran to the direction maan disappeared


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