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Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 6)

Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 6)
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  Maan huskily rubbed his nose  drawing in line with her cupids bow ..…and asked seductively ..
bolo Geet ..Bolo Naa,..
Kya Socha tha Thumney …..
Geet ..mey may …

(now Magicia almost sure that Geet and Arman could be Sagee Bhaee Bahan ..Ek hee bol Jo Boltha hi ..Bakra Bhaee and Bakree Bahan..ok ..coming back .to shhhh )
Kya Socha Geet Thum ney …….
She stopped mumbling now closed her eyes and was enjoying the moment ..trying to capture the sweetness of his closeness ..
Maan was lost , lost in the smoothness of Geet’s skin , that melting under his touch and her hands already started to snake his back .and she nonchalantly started to wiggle and make herself fit in his body ….closer.
then they heard ,. 
so loud that their already thumping heart beats stopped a second ..and they started each other then ..
Geet: Maan …Daadi ??
Maan: Ya …Daadi ??? ..
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He too cant figure out how come Daadi be in Outhouse .He got really frustrated , Geet instantly stood up pushing him , checked her dress ..then she check his dress and tried to put buttons ,
Maan wondered when did i actually unbuttoned my dresses and my zip too .. he cant remember when he done that  and he looked suspiciously at Geet who was tensed and in great hurry , trying to put the buttons back ,a naughty smile touched his lips . She was struggling with the pant zips .. its not going up she tried to push back the hurdle ..whacking it punching it ..
Oh oh ..Maans eyes flinched in Pain ..It Hurts my lady..he appalled …Geet then realized what she was doing and the greatest embarrassment brought instant drops of tears in her eyes ..she turned other side cribbing whimpering .
Oh Babaji Jesus ..Daadi merey Barey Mey Kya Sochenga ..
Maan tucked in his shirt and he cribbed ..
I am thinking Merey barey mey Kay sochenga she already told me .khuranas hee .naak nahee kaatna…
Geet turned to him ..pointing her index finger ..
Dekha u always think about You ..and meeting me is a matter of khuranas Naak Katna ..ok .., Why you came her You Go now ..and and in tension and anger she tried to push him through the windows ..She did not wanted to pester her more .. especially when Daadi is outside waiting to meet her
Maan hold her ..Ok i will go Now ..
But let me do for what i came here he immediately took the small bowl of Haldi on the table … and instantly dipped his fingers and applied on her cheeks .. chin .. his hands lost in the zeal and she again lost in his touches ardour..
he withdrawn his head ..Oh Ye Ladkee Mujey Sach mey pagal kardengee..he thought ..she too realized what they were up to and ..
Geet:: Ab Jaaiye
Maan crossed his hands across his chest .. and looked at her accusingly …she understood and just formality dipped her index finger and poked his cheeks ..he frowned ..
Geet said ..Ab Tho Jaaiye ..
Maan got angry nahee .. teek tharah se haldee lagalo then i will go ..
They could hear Armaan Daadi talking and That made Geet more and more nervous …
She got angry and almost shouted .Ap Jathey Ho Kee Nahee …
Maan .thought .Ha ha ..Merey wife mujpe command ..He too pouted .No ..NO  i will not leave you untill u ....
Geet Daadi .she made a cutest baby face .. but the hunger for her touches was more and he dont want to leave her ..
.Maan: I Know .. and stood there as if nothing affects him and looked at the other side , and enjoying her worry through the corner of his eyes ..
 What is he think of himself khud ke koi shame ..then the shower just flashed in her mind and her heartbeat stopped for the second ..and continue cribbing ..Mujebee shameless banathee hi … she thought
then they heard Armaan’s second scream the final warning ..Maan instantly hold Geet and Rubbed his face on hers and she got angry at his audacity and her own cupidity killing her within and she took his lips and kissed him harder he tried to protest he could hear his Daadi coming and Arman talking making Bahans loudly but …she seems lost in him and the kisses just got deeper and deeper …and maan was struggling to escape hands on air ..controlling not to touch her back ,,,,
because he was sure he had already on the verge of his “burning point” from which there is no go back for him
Daadi felt like her eardrums will explode ..Uff Ithana bee drama karney ka Kya Zarooratha hi …Kya Mey ye Sab Samjthee Nahee

..she ignored his scream ..hmm .. jo bomb se khelthey hi usko patakey se daratha hi   bacha naadan ! and in a sarcastic smile moved ahead and asked Arman
kya baath hi betey … without looking back at him .continue walking…daadi asked .
Arman ..No Daadi U cant go there …. Hamara Khar ka parampara ..nahee shadee se pehley  saas ..…e he darted ahead her and blocked ..
daadi ..(i think she dont want to miss the romance )
Hatiye Arman .i am not her saas , i am daadi saas ..and .Humey Hamara Bahoo se milney se Koiee Nahee Rok Sakthee
…she pasued ..Ap bhee  Nahee… and she pushed him ..
Arman was tensed and he was actually thinking 1000 plans to block her way so when she pushed he lost his balance and fell behind …opening the unbolted door .. , on the floor …where our Maaneet trying a general Imran Hashmi ..sequence …Smoooocheeee  Yummy creamy with Haldeee ……
It was clearly visible how Maan struggling to escape , ….and ..Geet attacking him ….
Daadi thought , Hmm My Bahu is not Bad …….  She smirked ….


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