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Chapter 54. the Wedding (Part 1)

Chapter 54. The Wedding (Part 1)
19 December 2011
Amruth , Jai Singh and Savitri never felt this much happy in their life , when Maan their all hope their love ,their "'akhon ka thara'' greeted them with sheer happiness and bent and seek their blessings .
163822_186792038006126_109723285713002_591088_2037076_n Prem Chopra at Navin Nischol's Funeral. Photo: FilmiTadka. 
They all blessed him from their heart ,Savitri was little unhappy , as she never met Geet ,Actually none of them ,thought Geet also will be there to welcome them , Amruth the wise , gentle understood and she said Maan very fondly , teasingly ,
" Thank God , Bahu not yet come outside , .. Stupid You such a bewakoof that i actually thought u will be dragging her here and make our plans of Muh-Dikhayee Rasm in Proper Khurana manner will be A Complete Disaster "" She said last words putting her hands around Savitri as if she spoke for both ..
(magicia clap for great diplomat in Amruth)
Haa ..thats the reason not arrogance or attitude not ''shy shy gaon ki gori too to the worst" , Savitri very well impressed by her future daughter In .law ...Good , The girl is classy ..She smiled contented and they all proceed to the Bungalow behind the out house , where arrangements already started
Amruth being the smartest , understood that an Aristocratic and Puraney Zamana Type woman like Savitri can not take the fact that Geet was in the custody of A Monster and had been raped. Savitri is already too much advanced and compromised in thinking from her side in accepting a girl who is not at all near to Khurans class and standards . Even though they make her agreeable now , but in future the displease will come out and hurt Maan who knows? . So she tactically told that Geet had been escaped from the attack and took sanctuary at Sister Tressia's convent. Same story has been told to Jai Sing too , but being clever politician he may have knowledge of actual truth , but he being Amruth's father will love to follow whatever Amruth and Maan wishes .
Its then lit in Maans Dimag which was immersed in pinkey smoothey cream of love .

Actually he planned that they go together to welcome and seek blessings , but when he was waiting outside bedroom , by the peevish noises , armoire drawers and dressing table and the makeup kits making .. He understood how nervous she was , For the first time she is going to meet the boy's family ! That too on her marriage Day!!! , and even girls with well family setup and protected by elders blessings too will be definitely tensed in such a situation , maan now knew well , Thanks to geet and her non stop chatter when he was in her custody , about her and friends various thoughts and worries .He really wanted to go inside and help her comfort her , but he feared sometimes his presence may make her feel more nervous and in result she may act weird in front of them .So he decided to give her a little time alone to settle herself ...
Above all little secret , Maan felt an instant arousal thinking about helping Geet getting Ready , her silky milky white skin when water moisten it truly a vision to relish and he will get seduced fatally .. And result catastrophic .!
He shook his head as if to shake off the thoughts because sitting aroused during the pooja and waiting whole day till they get in to their room ...
And he decided to greet them alone ... And thinking what excuse he actually make , but before that they were on Gate ...

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