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MG-SS-Christmas Gift –Scene 3 University Part 1 : A Kiss Again

Scene 4  University
A Kiss Again ..

11.45 pm 24th December 2019

Anju was really worried , Ye seniors Ragging ke naam pe Kya Kya ..But then its cant be called ragging completely , anyone dare to rag me ' Its bet 'Uff like the wierd seniors ..their wierd guest .their weird guest .then ..its completely in my hand ..
I have to do it or not to !!
Oh god ..! Mumma is really worried all these weeks . There is not enough blankets for grandpas in winter to survive '.. A smile crept through her lips when she thought about the Grandpas , inmates of her mothers charity home ' ..no blankets no socks ' no food regularly , still they all happy ...love her ...What if she dont had father , but about 50 elders at her ""home"" .
Already they all have that old age problems ,and winter as if taking revenge get harsh on n their old bodies '
She sighed '
Maximum what he is going to do ..A complaint , then i can save myself saying its part of the ragging so ..i can come out clean ..
They were damn sure that i cant do it ' Hmm will show them
50000 rupees ..Oh my God its really a huge amount ..with that i can not only by clothes for winter ..but whole year ..She cant  believe its their one week's pocket money !
She stood up ..
Check her dress again .. The loosest shirt and jeans ..
And walked taking bold steps to the path in between the rows where students were sitting ''''
Yes Anjali ..You Must ..You can ''.common do it Anjali ..
Somebody from the depths of her heart soul screamed '''..
She saw him coming  a well built young man with confident steps , she ignored ....... Surrounded with , principal ,teachers .. And some seniors who had done the betting with her last night ..!! She enjoyed their shocked face ,and not noticed her "PREY "  seeing her on their path and '' Her steps quickened ''
Chaos 'everybody shocked
Whats this '''''''..
How dare she ???????
Who is she????????????????
Such a shame to college ?????????
Do she actually who he is ''..?
Such a decent ..most eleigible bachelour hard core still '.at his 43 !!
Oh god ..a little girl ???
Kissed ' ?? Not kissed actually '''. still they are kissing '.forgetting a  world 'screaming around them'..
What to do ..how to save the guest from ..from that that .."kiss::"accidental "
Principal sweated heavily 'On the cold winter night ..already he was in tension because the chief guest arrived really late unlike him ,saying its personal , then almost everybody was waiting for him to come even ignoring its Christmas ...., .and he feared he will not and requested really hard how much it matters to them .... reminded its the college where he studied once ...and  he came 'finally ..and this '.he felt like he is going to have  aheart attack ..
 Somebody murmered to principal "Sir she is that Arundhati's daugheter'"
Principal "who .??" the man replied "the women activist .. That run the orphanage and all .. her name is  Geetanjali .,,"

One teacher poked principal 'hinting them ''.
"Sir ..students are watching .and still she ...."
The principal , wiped sweat on his forehead and passed a dismayed look at the teacher asked him
"actually ..its they still they " he saw maan's hand going around her in a hug and ... Chee Chee ..Principal tilted his head to the other side ....
They were kissing ''as if they never had enough of each other ever '..

His hands passionately went around her back feeling and measuring the plum ... she blushed ..bite his lips shyly  ''''''he smiled feeling her turning red ......''.

And They kissed and kissed ..and kissed ''''''

Some were Church'Bells Rang....Like a Blessing .... 

00:00 25th December

ps: (Geetanjali means anjali to Geet )


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