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MG-SS-Christmas Gift –Scene 1 :Church A Wedding Declared

Scene 1 : Church

A Wedding declared

10.15 pm , 24th December 2011

He ran and texted  Meera on the same time , while taking reverse from Parking he smiled at the 12 foot statue of Jesus stretching hands and smiling kindly  Maan said in his Mind ..  " Ha Ha oh God . , i will come back soon ... With my bride to Altar ... As i promised ...  "" he winked and left .He felt he is the Happiest Man on Earth , ya On wedding day everybody might be feeling like that but , cant be happier than him because just 5 minutes before only he found out his brides name whom he was loving and waiting for past 7 years ... 

---------------------- **********-------------------------------

Exactly 14 minutes before at Church...
Dr. Dayana got 8th call during the mass , She got really annoyed what to do with this boy ...he is going to be 24 soon , still ...Oh god she looked impatiently at her watch . Well leaving in between will surely will not go unnoticed by Father . He already complained  about the negligence our family paying to religious activities after George's death that too in front of all  . He is just making excuses ..What else !.. She remembered last Christmas , We had party At home and none of us Attended .
 (hey Guys dont get confused with maan siblings and all ,just ignore if u want , just wanted to show How ''big '' our Maanuel George aka Maan is ..ok ...)
This year There was no Party since it has been only 9 months since George left us .And all the kids wanted Dayana to attend party  at their places  , so in order to avoid complains she  choose the evening mass . NayanThara is  8 months pregnant and at her Home , her parents were having Christmas Party and Davis  joining Them ,  as he got duty tomorrow so avoiding drive back home and staying there will get him ample rest . Otherwise Dev will be definitely and patiently waiting and taking me back home .A lightning of fear passed through Dr.Dayana's Spines when she thought about Maans drive back home in his sports car. Jacob and Rosemary got their Party at their New Home ,  because the kids , without Christmas party they will just go bonkers  , she smiled proudly thinking about her naughty Grandchildren .Dr.Reena as usual might be busy with the party , pleasing in laws , and her duty so much busy Dr.Dayana remembered she havent been called her since last week .  She is as famous as me now , or even more . Robin and Clara enjoying their Honeymoon, they were dating and staying since their medico days   ,Dr.Dayana hoped for the good news when they return , they must be rejoining to duty from January Onwards  .They already delayed marriage so much for Maan , its their high time to start their family .   Thinking about Manuel , the spoiled kid ..  Now his Younger brother too got married a little early , but ..,When This Guy ... She sighed ..     

The Prayer ended .. Father was clearing his throat to start preach ...

A girl in 4th row stood up and quickly left , And Dayana without looking anybody also followed she was waiting for a chance to escape .

The girl rushed outside hit Maan , He turned and hold her , before she fell , She was in real hurry .. She rose quickly and adjusted her scarf , without noticing her saviour she rushed out cross the road  .. Then she paused after 2 ,3 steps as if she really wish to look back, something  to  look back but the car horn , brought her back and without turning back she crossed the road ..and vanished the rush

Maan felt his heartbeat stop for a moment .She in his Arms ... Once again after 7 years

Dayana came out ..
Now why are u standing like some Pillar , lets go .. Uff ...
Maan : Mom Your Bahu just hit me and there she goes ..
Dayana :Bahu???? She saw the glimpse of Geet her small white feets taking quick steps , white socks ...
Dayana "" bahu ..Who that Nurse ???""
Maan"Nurse..??" his eyes were sparkling
Dayana " yes ..white skirt and socks ..Yes .she is .."
Maan disappointed he thought his mother will be knowing her but here she guessing .."all girls with white skirt and socks " he shake his head in disappointment then instantly he thought something and took his mobile before he could click pictures , his vision blocked by some track passing by . He got greatly dishearten and angry .. He turned to his mother ..
Dr.Alice who was doing 'prayers ' has seen Dr.Dayana leaving and she saw Maan waiting outside and maan and mom talking , her heart started to jump in joy , Maan .!! 

(she is a Maan Maniac , like us so no need to explain her halath u can guess with ur own imagination right ??  Hayee me missing maan .. Life OK ..hamey Hamara Maan dedey ...grr ok back to story )

She somehow managed to come out making some excuse to her husband and poked her nose in mother son discussion And she happily offered her help with full of disgust in her voice , "Ya Maan Dr.Dayana is 100 percent right she is Nurse Geet ,and working in My Hospital ,Today she is on Duty and what she is doing here ? ( stupidest exclamation for what people go to church so she amended ) A Hindu girl ? ... if she hit you its on Purpose she is such a dirty ,"

Maan got what he wanted and dont want to spend one more minute in that bitchy women's presence , but she helped him now ..He turned to her and pulled her cheeks , Dr,Alice elated , "Thank You Very Much  Alice Aunty
And quickly dashed out there texting something ,

""Maan Maan "  Dr.Dayana called him from behind ..

Without turning continue with texting Maan replied .. " Mom Alice Aunty will drop u ..I need to make arrangements for my Marriage "

One Moment before she was enjoying Maan's calling Alice Aunty next moment Dr.Dayana Shocked ..and turned to Alice "what was he saying ??" even though she knew maan well and understood every word he spoke but right then she desperately dont wanted to understand it ..
Alice cribbed half to her and half for Dayana to understand ..."That Geet is such a dirty woman , so desperate , chee chee , She can find her roaming around each and every man , rich , visiting hospital such a mean girl
The girl dont have any manners too "" she added recalling how Geet entered in her cabin without knocking to inform her something urgently and caught her in between her serious ''discussion'' with Dr.Rajan on the examination Table

Dr.Dayana shot an angry glare ,anger at what Alice Spoke or to Maan and his antics ..cant be distinguished
She dialled Dev's number and excused herself .


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