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Chapter 49. Psycho

Chapter 49. Psycho
03 December 2011
He lied ...

After u left , when u finished your college ,   without waiting for convocation u went back , your college people told me ...
 She sighed , he regained conseous after me leaving , ...he thought she may be thinking like taht ..tahts the sigh .. Then he saw tinges of pain slowly scorching her eyes..before she get in to it he continued ..
 I am sorry we had to hide so much things for my protection , i was undergoing Dr.Shashanks treatments , Ur Dean ..sorry we didnt informed you , He as a last trial went China and with the help of some Monks ,they agreed and accompanied here to help me .. get me the neural treatments .. Some extreme type of acupuncture type inducing my nerves and , it hadn't took me 2 weeks to be the same old me ...I am not a person belong to medical field so i have limited knowledge about my treatment ...
 He tried to be normal maximum unexcited , and wanted to prove that she and her any affect ahs nothing to do with his regaining conscious ..he dont want let her know that he actually remembers her
 Then Munshiji told me u were here all teh time for me ..., and i really wanted to thank you for what you have done for me ...
 He concluded ,

Waited for Geet to , understand and accept thinks he spoke , and he continued

"" then when Munshiji told me seeing news this girl helped me ..""Geet understood which news he is referring to before the pared of mishaps walk through her mind he quickly diverted to ..
 ""then i saw the photos and i instantly fall in love with you !""  

""phewwkk ...juk kucjj  "" she choked .. Hearing his uttering ! Maan acted as if not at all bothered by her surprise ..
  So wierd ..Geet thought !
But Maan was maan in his dream world he continued cribbing "" i wondered all the while such a beautiful woman with me and me Andha Dhela Dhakan missed u .and when finally i saw u ..u were declared dead ... Oh babaji  ...  Jesus "" the same way she talk her babaji then convert her plead to Christianity .. but its her mannerisms but she not able to recognise it that situation..  ""mera tho poora duniya jaisey finish hogaya , then i thought i have to visit your orphanage and do something for you ..a donation or something and when i gone there ..""

He paused...he saw her eyes getting enlarged ..O mouth !
And i offered them donation saying its on behalf of you , i donated 1 lakh ..and one sister really impressed by my charity revealed the secret that you are alive , and with your younger sister from village you went to Assam with sister tressia .. And ... The rest you know ..."he gave out a donkey laugh ..ehee ehe seems enjoying his own ""accomplishments ..""
She smirked , thinking about the Church and charity , There Sister Tressia was super confident about the unbeaten plan of her and just one lakh donation shattered it all , thank god this guy has interest on me only , and she was relieved Sajjan or any of his men will never try that way .Being a person belong to that atmosphere she clearly know how greedy they are for charity and donations but never surrender to threats and violence , and she was sure ""threats or punishes "" will never break them to reveal anything but simple gesture of charity will definitely melt them and they actually revealed ..!  And thank god this guy is interested in me only .poor chameli ..She got furious ...thinking about kidnap ..She need me and me here ..with this ..eek..
What do you think of yourself , what justification u have to give for what all drama the ninja kidnap ..etc eeek .. My sister is alone and . U captured me here ..and the drama of some time shift ...whats all these ,... I wnat to go right now ... , ""she was thinking calling Arman as natural reflex and getting saved from this mad man and go back to Chameli .. Then she realized Arman too participated in the drama ... The fonecall , thank god till now she dont had a clue that Arman was the other Ninja ...

She stood up and tried to walk Maan stopped..
"" i know you will not accept my love , but i love you , and u are like something .. Like ""amruth "" you know .. I loved u then cried for your death and then i got you alive ...could u imagine what all happened with me ..and u say u want to leave ..if i am ready to leave u u like this why ..i had done all that ..

He on his knees .walked to her and hugged her legs ... Not letting her go ..Please dont go , cant u see how much i love u .. And u have done so much to me ...i dont wnat to leave you , i wnat to love you , u are safe here .. U have done so much to me ... Please dont leave me ...please ..."".
Seeing a huge man that too well formed and attractively young , begging on his knees like a baby , and in too such a tenuous situation she got really agitated she felt like pulling her hair  ..she gritted her teeth and slowly moved her hands in maan's hairs .. She felt ticklish and felt like she getting melted from inside she quickly took her hands back as if got some shock ..Maan was feeling heavenly , when she withdrawn her hands like that he smirked realizing his effect on her ..he hugged her tighter naughtily .. 
She felt some beautiful butterflies kissing her from knee and the tickles slowly spreading to her tummy to her nipples ...she shook her body and try to free herself .. She is mad at the unbelievably stupendous situation they are and above all at herself for giving in to his touches ,,and she really worried about him had a clue of her getting affected by him like this .and that too frequently ... Oh god i hate my hormones .. Being a doctor all she could do is blaming her hormones .

She concluded , what if he has some mental problems .. She trying to be as nice as possible .

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Chapter 49. Psycho
03 December 2011

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She concluded , what if he has some mental problems .she had heard studied people suffered from such long state of being sick in pain might develop some mental instability like lose , coordination between time space ..etc ... She trying to be as nice as possible .
""Oh Oh k.. ... Relax .. I am not going ...ok .. Shall we sit and talk ""

And both sat she was actually studying him , a totally different man , Who is he .A .Jana pehchana sa Ajnabee ... Maans face was a must watch , he was sitting like a KG class baby after submitting his first ventures in drawing in front of new teacher and waiting for reply ..dramebaaz nautankee maan started to bite his nails too ...

She slowly leaned forward ..his masculine scent ,intoxicating along with fresh rain drops and the water droplets slowly trailing down his cheecks to jaws ... She leaned back and wanted to end the conversation as quick as possible , she really worried about her ""over anxiety when "man"" around"" like never before ..  Poor she all four years only studied the ''dead'' "' soulless'' body only with using dimag only .never thought of dil and trie dto see things with dil ..when the dil is always with her very much alive ...  Unknown to her guiding her to right every moment ...

She tried to speak hiding all her insecurities about her own feelings and emotions ,
"Look Mr.Maan , i was here as a part of my job , i mean take care of you ..""  she really scared this pagal if requested please take care of me , she will not be surprised ... So she added "" when you cant do things ur own ur in a state called .."" before she blurb out all the texts she studied ..he said ..
"i know ..i know ..but please ..listen i love you and i wnat to marry u ..u have done so much for me..""
Uff again the marry me manthr ..uff enough ..ek tho i am trying my level best to control my feelings and he is making things difficult with ... And her eyesight caught on the open button on his chest exposing half of his torso perfectly carved like some Roman ..uff ...she shook her head and ..

"" ok if u want to pay back to teh people helped u .. Like this then go and marry ..Dr.Shashank ..or Munshiji ..leave me ..She tried to stand up fed up with him , actually with her inability to control the emotions building up her ...the thirsts which really making her loose her sanity ..

Maan seriously ."" Dr.Shashank is married and Munshiji very old ..above all i am not gay Madam .."all so much seriouslya nd geets mouth open a "" in his utter idiotic replys , and he again satrted to chant "", i want to really help you , i love you i want to marry you .""

Geet fed up ..""Ok Maan ..OK ..If i be in coma .ever in my life u come and take care of me ...""

Bingo ! His eyes sparkled she scared Now what he got in his mind she really worried ..

Maan happily ok ..if you cant marry ... Ok i can understand , and i seriously wnat to return the service u have poured on me .. (these he said in pure vengence in his heart ..Oyee drama queen 4 years suffereing and me let u go this easily ... Payback time darling ..)

And he lifted her like some flower so smoothly and took her to the room where maan lied in Coma ,and dropped her in bed ..and tied her hands to the bed  and said .

""Ok now u immobile like Coma .. I will take care of u ..""

Geets eyes poped out ..." what he is going to do with me ...he is a complete obsessed mad :PSYCHO !!!!!!!!!!!!
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