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Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 4)

Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 4)
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Amruth and Dr.Shashank who guided the ladkeywaley team given a brief introduction each others and the people gathered .then the wedding planners took in charge and they guided the people .. , Soon The Ladkeywaley sent to The Out house
Geet was alone ,pacing restlessly in the hall , and already Anu (the wedding planner and her assistants ) helped her to dress up .. Amruth had dresses in the Morning and was not able to give ..The surroundings was really busy with wedding arrangements ,and somebody handed over the pack on Sofa ,She too was too restless nervous , thank god Geet did not thought how they came there ,when she got that dresses there when she saw her name in package .Anyway she was waiting restlessly without having a clue what's happening next ..
Then she saw crying Riddima and Anjali rushing to her and they all in tight hug .rona dhona sweet cute complains . .. ,
Dr Shashank Pinky's dad blessed her ..
To Geet's Surprise Rahul too arrived !..Arman had invited Rahul ..who had already postponed his journey due to ''some personal reason'' and was wayfaring on religious spots around river Ganges seeking Mukthi or Moksha ,Arman understood what he is up to and solution too when Rahul's sister told him about Rahul .
He did not wasted a moment to track Rahul and above all And how can Arman allow his enemy to get "A Moksha that easily ...." so ,,.
(Magicia thinking Ye Arman Nahee Sudarenga ...but i just love him for this )
Rahul got totally clueless seeing Geet Again and above all shocked hearing she getting married ..but he is very happy for her ..he said ...looking Arman , in a smirk ... Arman scratched back of his head and smiled wickedly and , pulled his collars little back and rolled his Memdak eyes ... And slowly withdrawn ..
And soon the Milan turned to Shadi ka Mahol when Anu reminded about the rituals ..and programs ..some fun , Since the haldi was the first rasm they thrown out all the guys and asked Geet to change ..
Geet''s eyes was searching someone really special with whom she need to settle certain ""Hizab"" and..
By then Riddima feeling proud of her Araman told about the search that Arman done along with maan even without telling her ,and all and he is doing Kanya dan.. Geet cant stop her tears ..
090110020737_09_01dill_mill_gaye 398858_259437700787013_100001623555257_732188_1015240642_n
She was happy simply happy her family ..around ......And when she entered the room a guy just drop himself on floor hugging her knees ...Drame Baaz ..... Seeing him she cant stop her anger ..
How can she forget the Ninja Attack and the terror and horror she experienced ..
How can she For get The victorious historical
Voice ..very familiar which she cant figure out then she knew well ...
Breaking the tranquillity of the jungle at night echoed her mind and her body hairs stood up and claws invisible came out in anger
she shouted Kanyadaan karenga …Daddyji Or Dr,Shashank karenga thu  memdak ..kabhee Nahee (she call Pinkys Dad like that ) ……Memdak ka Bacha …Ninja Banenga ,,  kidnap karenga ..U Devil ..Memdak eyes ..
.... She whacked him pushed ..started to throw things and he was saving himself , its what Maan saw ..and Arman too saw him .
Arman pleaded Geet merey Behan Kuch tho Sharam karo Thuhmara would be pathee here ..please stop this and forgive me ..Let me do Kanya dan .....
Ab ye nayee Bahana .
. Geet shouted and came out angrily , because just before Maan came Arman said Dr.Shashank here and Geet controlled herself and got tamed herself quickly and dipped in "Dulhan Persona" instantly .. .and very slowly peeped out to Greet Dr.Shashank ..
Giving Arman another chance to pull her legs .
then Arman cant hold his laugh trapping her and she understood he tricked her and got more and angry again he started his begging and she was searching for the biggest thing she can throw in revenge ...
Maan smiled ,Arman complained Dekho Na Maan , She dont want me to do Her Kanyadan .ye kya yar thum miya bheevi  baree baree mem mujey martha hi … ..
Geet came out running furious  Forget It , if you there i am not even going to sit mandap ....ppa paa ..
She saw maan ..she flushed . A brides Blush.
   gumeet_0069312855_291730730852712_100000473630452_1236492_1065211128_n gumeet_0070
Maan smiled at her , very meaningfully .. His eyes glittering ,she was awesomely beautiful in Amruths selection  She bowed her head shyly lowered her gaze and ..
And inched towards her and he complained cutely at the same tauntingly .. U will not sit in mandap ! ,,,hmmm hmmm !
Arman grinned Yup ..Boltee band , Geet I will be doing Your Kanya dan Right …Ok ..
Hearing Armans plead Geet started to get angry again then .. On half way it stopped , Maans presence .making her weaker  thirsty .for something .
Árman  well enjoying her plight ..Hmm silence means Yes ..
Geet shook her head in No ..when Arman said silence means Yes the shakes became more aggressive , then she felt a hand holding his hands , softly carefully ..
Maan spoke ..Yes Arman ... So get Ready .. And leave Us ..we have to do one important rasm .U Know Hldee and all ..
Geet blushed .cutely . She understood What Maan mean , Armaan too ..Wow Romantic he thought
And quoted in his minds tasks –must- do- book that he too had to this on his wedding too , then he scratched head thinking how to make his ice princess Riddima to understand these types of Romance ..He looked at Geet as always for a solution tackling Riddima as if , its going to happen in next second ..He saw Maan holding her hands and looking at her admiringly and geet blushing ..profusely ..

.He loved the way his sister Blushes .. His heart all Full of Happiness
And when he gets so much happy , emotional he want to see Riddima ..even though she will not help him much he loves to be around her only , Thats Armans love . Unconditional and Un-expecting ...So he decided to leave his Behan and would be jeeju alone ...
He was just to enter the hall he saw her coming and shocked !032
Daadi ...Now ..Maans Daadi .. Here at Out House ...heading To Geet;s Room ..when ..Maan still in her Room ..and he remembered the bike romance of his sister which was not less than a third degree erotic film !’


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