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MG-SS-Christmas Gift –Scene 2 University : An Accidental ?? kiss !!

Scene 2 : University 
An accidental Kiss??

10.05 pm ,24 December 2004

Maan who was sleeping in his hostel room , was kidnapped by the seniors at 10 O clock from his room and dragged to auditorium still in his vests and shorts to help the boys gang taking part in quiz competition against some girls gang .seniors was having blast since its their last day , convocation is over and after this farewell party none of them ever need to come to college . They were all fresh . Full of energy and hope , Almost all colleges students were gathered on the CBC (Central Building Complex)
Maan was famous among seniors thanks to the interviews on Media after he secured the first Rank in State Entrance .
He was assigned to help one senior guy on mike , The Anchor was on stage and was asking questions IQ related
Maan heard a sweet voice answering from girls side , the voice was so sos .so cute and beautiful maan was dying to see a glimpse of the person wanted to see the person but he was constantly pushed by the kidnappers to help the participant answer , and he was actually not able to concentrate and answer
So whenever she started to answer he will go numb and search and get restless to see the other person.
Finally Maan saw her , simply beautiful like a dew drop shining on petals in morning . Maan thought
And he was staring at her without even winking . And his mind was completely blank all he could see is her , only her , slowly lifting her hand pushing the curls tickling her cheek behind and cutely pouting when the curls dont listen to her ,saying something to the girl nearby and laughing ' His all vision turned to "slow motion ' he heard the music of love and the enchanting peace of love prevailed his heart beating fast but in bliss
Finally when Rapid fire Round for Boys over, 2 minutes maximum answers , ,and Maan babu so lost in Geet that he still did not getting what's happening around him , the senior who 'kidnapped' Maan really pissed off by Maan's action actually the non -reactive state , by Then the Girl's turn and Geet started to answer ,
Maan was so much enjoying the way she answering , complaining , smiling , pouting getting tensed then doubly replying
She is just Awesomely Damn Animated and the most beautiful Creature he ever seen on earth !
Someone smacked hard on Maan's head and gritted teeth and whispered to Him Saley ..Goorna Bandh kar ..jakey kiss kar ke hee saalee Ko chup karao ..we dont want to lose this game .to girls on our last day .ja .. Majnu kahee ka .. Such a waste ..'And pushed Maan ahead..Maan tripped .. But Managed and almost landed upon her but he hold her with his hands on her shoulders to balance himself and also save her from falling 'and looked in to her eyes .. The hazel eyes beautiful ,scared but there was a twinkle a deep spark, of knowing ,as if she met someone she was waiting all these years .. And she shivered realising she is in his Arms an d his breath fell on her face , she wetted her lips and peered his eyes ..yearning with unknown desire '
What made him do that still he dont know , and he dont want to .. ! .he just did what he felt when his gaze shifted to pink moistened lips shivering . He just bent little and kissed her deep .. Neither of them was never been kissed , none knew nothing about the physiology of kissing
But '.still '. Their lips and tongue moved guiding each other patiently ,as if silently accepting or impacting their existence in each others heart. She winked twice in surprise when he pushed tongue inside deep and caressed her back flesh feeling its heavy roundness ..and she reciprocated blushing crimson red on his audacity
NANGA KAMEENA .;..; someone shouted , the owner of the voice was teh same person who pushed maan even maan dont know , he was in .the fairyland he never imagined in the wildest dream of his in most hysterical state ,exploring the new heights of ecstasy '
SOMEBODY PUSHED maan down he laid there with twinkling eyes , he saw her perplexed eyes vanishing among innumerable faces surrounding him some hit his stomach , legs .al the seniors pounced on him attacking , the potential defeat in the competition really made some of them really violent and they attacked him as if some arch enemy intruded their mother land and '' Maan still in the dreamland flying in the divine pleasure that his mind did not registered any pain but body does and it fainted
He Opened his eyes after 2 months in Hospital and rejoined college after one month ,
He tried to Find her all possible ways .. But ..He did not got any news , He was just a boy of 18 what he can do ! All he got that he kissed a senior who already left college without filing any complaint ,
He went to girls hostel too ' Some girls identified him and shooed him away
Oyee Senior Kisser Ab Yaha kisey kiss karney ke liye Aya hi ???
Pinky saw him roaming around girls hostel each and everyday , so when she got the call from her X roommate on her last day at hostel . .
"Dee thank god .. u called , so u got my letter, I am vacating today , i will write to you my new address .and..dee i want to tell you something , Dee that psycho Boy Junior who kissed you is roaming here , he was asking about You .."
The person at the other end chuckled excited ! but her maturity beautifully covered her all excitement ..
""So he want know who am i ?? What's his name ..? she could hear her own heart beats 'and it seem Pinky Too ..
Pinky Surprised "DEEE" she scolded ..
By then somebody whacked Geet ,and said "Geet Emergency at Labour Ward , Please Take Patient 11's ..CTG ''''."
Geet : ""Bye Pinky Duty calls "" She disconnected abruptly.


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