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MG-SS-Christmas Gift –Scene 3 Hospital Part 6 : I Love You

Scene 3 Hospital
I Love You

11.50 pm ,24th December 2011
They heard a women screaming in pain , shouting , cursing somebody when they managed to find the exact window
They got in to the ward easily .. Maan screamed GEEET GEEET ...
From somewhere she came and Hugged him , the other man quickly explained about the way to fix the gas masks they brought with them , and get patients laid on stretchers and strapping . They got in to action quickly ,The other patient was on some health support , Geet told them it can not be removed , so they strapped the woman along with the life support equipments and to hold it right fire fighter had to climb on it and he managed and he said he will come back soon ..with better stretcher to strap moving and uncontrollable Arundhati better .
Maan and Geet helped him to get out
Maan Hugged Geet tight and tried to console her ..
AHHH ...a scream ..Arundhati's whole body just rose from the bed the maximum it could because Geet Already strapped her Hands , and she drowned again heavily trying to move on either side because of pain , Geet checked and Told Maan
Her voice shivering ..she cried and explained ..
"She already Broke her water , She is heavily bleeding and Sinking "" she checked Arundhati and screamed to maan "Its going to be a footling breech delivery ,and there is risk of Umbilical cord prolapse ! We have to get her medical aid ..NOW , Maan Now ..Or ,,,,!! She cried
Maan who was not able to understand a single bit she spoke just obeyed what she asked him to do , they both lifted Arundhati and strapped on The stretcher ,, they sat on sunshade , Maan asked Geet to climb on it and Hold Arundhati who was moving heavily in pain and they are at 28th floor !
But Geet petite structure did not gave her enough strength to hold Arundhati who was moving violently in deadly pain ...Geet asked Maan to hold Arundhati's body immobile and he did , Geet started to unbuckle the stretcher from window pain , he heard the chains crinkle from its hook and realized it cant hold the weight !
Without any hesitation , she removed her mask and kissed Maan once again , and whispered in his his mouth ,
Maan You go Now ... Wait for me ..I will come for You ... He stared at her before he could register ,
she put his mask back and hers ..and moved away from him ... SAVE HER AND BABY ...she commanded
She hold the window pane and ..pushed stretcher away from the window harder unbuckling the last strap ..
The stretcher hanged swinged twice in air ...Maan shocked and yelled
"I LOVE YOU MAAAN I LOVE YOU ... I CANT THINK OTHERWISE  I WILL COME FOR YOU ,..." she yelled back ...like a lunatic
By then the stretcher started to descend ...
He saw once again her face , crying and smiling brightly at the same time ..when the light from search light sprawled for one moment at the window .. He wished the world go in still there ... And captured her vision in his heart , may be last ..he prayed hard ..not to ...
"GEET GEET ..WHAT U HAVE DONE ...GEETT " He cried his heart out , hugging and holding Arundhati ...
...as soon as he landed he ran to the crane and before he could ask them help to pull him up there ... ..ANOTHER explosion ...BIGGEST ... They all Stared Up , he saw the whole upper stories of the building in fire ... ...the floors no more distinguishable ...
Meera and Karan came to him , he was in shock , Hugged him tight ..and hold him and moved him from there ...

He fell down ...crying ... He heard cries of a New Born  .and church Bell Ringing..
behind Him ..

00000 25th december

please read next chapter tooo


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