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Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 3)

The Wedding part 3

Finally  Maan , decided to go himself and get know whats happening there , It has been 1 and half  hour since he left her there .. He saw most of the guests where roaming around , so he decided to sneak out through the bushes that surrounds and separates the sheep farm area from out house ..he was about to leave then..

iris garden 6m


Somebody caught him on his ears ...Savitri ..

Ouch daadi ..It hurts ..he cutely Complained ..

Savitri ; Yes I know ..But ..U are not allowed to go to bahus mayka without Barath now ..

But Daadi My Shervani is there Maan pouted ...

Naanaji was with her , He said

Betey we already brought Your Shervani And All we have our Haldi Ceremony Here First wear some Kurta ..Simple

""Bingo"" Maans mind just reloaded all the thoughts of his white Kurta and ..he cant stop himself now the excitement ..

He begged like a small kid for his favourite toy ..

Please  Naanaji  i My kurtas in Out house ..Vo tho nahee Laye Hogey Hi ..Please Please ..Please

He even tapped his foot ..

Jai Sing and Savitri really Amused They Never expected Maans this Avtar ,

Maan was very Jovial and sweet kid when he was young , he was his Dad's son , but his basic Character was his Mothers . But when he was about 12 he found out the indifferences his mother and father have due to his fathers relation with pamela and found out he had a half brother in it . And he became silent self oriented serious after that . He was not able to forgive his father even though his mother already forgiven him ,He was too young to understand human weakness that age , by the time he can understand and forgive his father Dharmanath fell ill and ..Sadness prevailed , making him more and more alone and serious . So his Nanaji and Daadi really Missed his this side ... But nothing can be done too .. Now they realised they got their real full of life Maan back ..which Amruth realised the moment she met him after he woke from Coma .

Both Savitri and Jai Sing Looked each other and broke in to laughter ...

Savitri patted him and told Ok ..U can go now ..but .. Darling dont do anything that will cut our nose in front of Ladkee wale ...

Before she could complete Maan ran to out house side ..

Both the elders looked at him running and wiped their tears ..tears of Happiness ..


But there was an entirely different situation at out house Maan when entered he felt he is either in market or railway station when everything is already arranged why everyone is this much busy ..!  God knows whats keep people this much in Indian weddings ! But he just loved it Just like Geet wished  a house full of people and sound .

He tucked his shirt out , he already removed the waste coat  , and asked one of the men helping  to hand over the basket he is carrying  full of marrygold and jasmine for some decoration ,He hold it on his shoulder so that none could actually see his face and just get in to the house without any hesitation as simple as he could

All ladies including maans relatives and friends they are also enjoying with "tapr bachar takr non stop "" chatters  . He straight went to the corridor in front of the bedroom .. There he saw Arman hiding and saving  himself behind the door plates from the  things getting thrown out from the room  he heard Geet giving all kinds of Gaalis a bride can possibly deliver ..he smiled ...thinking about his tigress..

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