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Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 2)

 Chapter 54.The Wedding (Part 2)

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Maan had to follow them to Bungalow and offered his hand in making arrangements because he wanted it all special like Geet dreamed . And some close relatives and family friends .

Amruth was dying to meet Geet .But then Savitri already started to make arrangements at their Palace (the bungalow at Flower farm) for Muh dikhayee ceremony , as it was not in any of their minds before until Amruth blabbered for saving Geet .The Khurans had certain customs of seeing their Bahu for the first time  , the Muh Dikhayee . After the wedding the bahu still in veil will  had to perform some rituals and then both Dulha and Dulhan will sit facing each other and a mirror will be placed in the middle and Dulha first see his brides face and then gift her something  followed by elders ..and the new bahu do arthee at mandir at home  and they she became a Khurana bahu in true sense . Savitri did , Amruth also did .. But since they were living away from such tedious custom for long none remembered and Amruth to save the situation blabbered and trapped .Now she too cant see Geet until the rituals get over .

Everybody including Media was told that Maan Singh khurana is getting Married to Some Girl from some orphanage , Amruth's choice .No Surprise ,Amruth was already famous for her humanitarian works
And extremity in charity . And the gossips flying around was that after the Kidnap and his life in Amnesia there may have some serious problem with Khurana Kid ,mental or physical that they are not dared to take in a woman from high class scaring  their secret will be out , or the marriage will not last  so .. They choosing .this option .On his arrival though he cast some expectations in the high circles but soon it put out because of his new ventures sewage factory and all . No fancy in such venture that attracts page 3 like some IT , Entertainment or Politics could .

As the things at Jungle pur was not completely settled Maan does not want to bring geet in to social circles soon ,so he choose to invite people really close to her .
Amruth Invited her close people most of them are employees of Khurana Empire , Abroad and Some those really trustable and well-wishers  in India . She dont wanted to pomp the show too much that it seeks media attention . Because they wanted to give Geet a fresh Identity ,with which she can proudly live with rest of her life without any rusts of the mishaps happened with her .
She can easily arrange a wedding at London where most of their people belong , but that will definitely will not get un noticed by media. Because by then they were sure that Brahma had men in England , but how much close that they yet to figure out .But right now , what they wanted to do is safety and happiness of Geet .

And maan and Amruth already set all plans to make Geet happiest at her wedding , her people .Whom she loved and who loved her unconditionally .Close Friends from Sanjeevani , Pinky her Dad, and all.

Arman already as expected decided to be from Brides side and he will be doing Kanyadan , it was his demand and reminded Maan about his help in finding Geet. Maan hugged him whacking him Saying  Tu Salah Ab se Dimag Khana Shuruh .......And everybody had great laugh .     Dr Shashank and family are also invited , though it took a lot of time to make Riddima understand Geet's existence , and in that process Arman gained some points from Dr.Shashank .Arman super happy
With their presence Dr.Atul Anjali Dr.Subhanker Dr Kirti  completed the  Ladkeewaley  . Sister tressia send her blessings because they feared they may get traced if there is any enemy left behind unknown to them . Maan decided to call her back after their wedding when they get alone , because now he dont want Geet to remember the unhappy side of her life , alone he cant be with her until  the rituals complete

Amruth already send all the ladkeywaley to Outhouse  ,because she knew well how nervous a girl would be on her wedding day .She had thought that she herself help her in getting ready .. She already decided to be her mother ,She wanted to do apney hathon se sajakar she will present bahu to beta and all then.......

Khair , She understood how much the Sanjeevani team is fond of Geet and she stopped worrying

Now that Out house Became Official Mayka for Geet .

 107742-anushka-sharma-at-band-baaja-barat-promotional-musical-event-at the-wedding-planner-press-conference-2001-jennifer-lopez-23505948-335-450
All set . The wedding Planners was really hot , There was two ..One Indian ..for the Indians ..and an english for the English .Guests .    and all the boys  present was behind them helping in preparations , and to complete the link between desi and pardesi taste .... making girls jealous  and angry .

Maans few close friends from past Anu and thani now husband and wife , rani , Naina Rohit, Rahul bhayya and Anjali babhi Maans cousin and his wife were also landed
(just adding pics and videos because they are my favourite  ..not important u can enjoy the songs if u want .. please somebody help me in getting vm of Maaneet mahi dance , every time i am getting Maaaaaaaaaaaaheeeeeeeee  maheeeeeeee only ..:()

301210061908_tere_liye .565607505_318620

.they are all having blast and Maan was being continuously called by one or the other .making him restless more and more

And he was not able to fully enjoy the Boys pranks to get some attention from the busy wedding planners without getting caught by their ladies ..Then he noticed , the boys are Bindaz drooling and 'helping'' one of the wedding planner  Jennifer. He wondered where all the girls had gone .

He have been informed that as some Haldi rasm was going on at ''Mayka'' they were thrown out (the boys cant hide the happiness in their voice ) but little missing Anu who is managing there ,and being jennifer the hottest they are adjusting

When he saw He heard that Haldi-cum Mehandi ceremony is going on there at out house he could nt stop himself anymore .He really wanted to see her and apply Haldi he first and on him she .

(please ignore Sapna here and try picturise Geet , i dont know video editing
missing DMG , fearing Geet cast also vanish like them ..Please Guys do something to get back Gurti , the best Office track with Sasha tasha and all)

Love U ..Please Motivate me With your Likes as It became essential to survive here in India Forum since Maaneet gone off air Cry 


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