Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chapter 51: Torture continues (part2)

Chapter 51 . Torture Continues...
08 December 2011
She  dreamed of her hands vigorously moving tracing every inch of his body spreading the soap and ... She even bite hard her lips wool gathered thinking biting his neck right in the middle and shook her body when pain hit her brain ..she let out a "shhhchhh"sound of pain ..

Of course  Maan heard it all his attention was on her only , he decided to torture more so that there left no option he came out of his shower , now .. The barrier of a washbasin hiding his vital part was no more alive ...he moved freely in front of the mirror with fully grown manhood drawing a 90 degree to his long and sexiest legs ...

Her heart skipped many breath that she needed to hold her chest ,and the breast when touched by her hand itched to core and trembled down when she instantly took her hands off her chest struggling with the madness

He stood in front of mirror checked himself benting his head little down then turning either side to have a better look , then he grabbed a handful of flesh , which was very well formed and was not coming in his hands from his buttocks and checked it ..! God knows what ??  .. Geet only wanted to follow his action thats it ..and she actually curled her fingers .in a grabbing fashion and then realised what she is doing ..and withdrawn and looked either side and  made sure none scene lol

And turn again her glance at him she dont want to miss anything ..

He then hold his but flesh and pointed his extended manhood and ""tishum tishum ""shoot  in randomness pressing back at his hip flesh ..
Then he twisted and turned his hips in dancing movements . Bent little down ..take out all his muscles ..
Biceps shoulders .. Thighs ...   And ..shook his hips ..up and down ...with strong pushes and pull abcks in air ...

Dirty Dancing ...Chee Chee ...

 She had seen this once , when once she was searching internet for her assignment with Riddima at her home .. It accidently came , it was a youtube video of a man trying seduce his woman , very angry , then he did the funny movements with his hips and hands in air flexing muscles , and showing six packs and shivering pecs and when he removed towel and started with his *shhh*  the girls was unable to watch ..and closed teh window and giggled so long until Anjali scold them , Riddima told Geet , she would like to make Arman do when he become her husband .and  geet too wished someone her own dance for her ...she sighed ..then and now ...

Then she dont want miss a bit of Maan's performance continued her gaping ..then she wondered {gadhee kee bachee (ofcourse Geets parents are gadhas for marrying off her such a young age ) abhee akal aathee hi ..kya karey }
Then she wondered how could she stand such a visual , when she cant even watch it in video ,
The crazy part of her that maan resurrected  told her everybody enjoys live performance ...she smiled on her thoughts failed to recall she  will turn her face if a shirtless guy stand in front of her (patients exclude , when not professional .) , like when she see Arman or Rahul at changing room when they had boxing competition.. She will turn her glance somewhere else , its teh way she brought up ..etc..

Maan bindas continued his seduction dance and drying hair , spraying cologne , brushing hair  , pathetically increasing the wetness between her legs to flow down and wet her inners dipping wet !

She cant hold anymore when she started to rub stroke her breasts and twist her legs so that the flesh in between her thighs  crushed and get some relief to the increasing ache in her lower abdomen

Maan was seeing all those what she was doing much he wished he could help her , but all these dirty thing is necessary to make her understand ,realize she is actually watching it all and not feeling ugly about it ,and realize his place in her heart ..
He too embarrassed to do such , but in front of her his soul his passion his dream he goes shameless ...
Not at all feeling any hindrance in shedding all the inhibitions ..

{ok now let me explain , some of you feel its really dirty whats this! Isnt it ? , why he is doing all these ,
He wanted her to know how much they are for each other , simple example ..will u ever feel uncomfortable changing dress in front of your mother , if there is no option right ..because the bond ..similarly he want to seduce her as well as , make her understand she is not ashamed in front of him , because he is not someone separate from her .. Husband ... Wink wink serials and movie  only wifes tell husband to go out before changing dress most normal cases ..when our living spaces are constrained to one or 2 bedroom apartments .. These types of throwing out becomes rare ..

He continued various poses displaying his muscles and even let her measure his *Sshh * with eyes and she rolled her eyes at her self ..

Finally when she tried enough biting her lips , and wiggling in bed like a snake ..somehow a deep suppressed agonising moan out from beneath her suppressed emotions ..and she instantly realised and converted in to coughs , he heard ..her moan , seductive and the covering coughs ...

He ran out in his , birthsuit as if he forgot and his towel only laying around his neck , geets eyes widened and her coughs turned to choking a nd she started hyperventilate ...  As if she is getting difficulty in speak and breath and what not ..making situation look panicTongue

will be continued...

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