Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 8 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

Chapter 8


Her lips quivered , is she going to say something or ..something else ..when he looked at the pink soft ..and sweet lips of hers …he forgot everything …


Slowly bent and touched it with his slowly , then softly sucked her lower lips …making her BREATHLESS .. For next few moments ……



Watch This video .

She choked.. He stopped smiling shyly and withdrawn from her  .. She is so nave ..then he thought himself when I learned all that ..!


He cupped her face very carefully and looked at her flushed face and closed eyes …


Could he believe if somebody tell him  say just 6 months before , when he first met her she will be here like this in his arms  silent , shy ... Tired after his smooching .


He cant stop smiling , the more he looked that cute face the more he realized how much he is in love with her .. Their first kiss .. , not actually but ..yes its their first kiss  that they both involved ..together ..…he licked his lower lips ..slowly soothing the burning sensation caused by her bite ! ..she actually bite him in response to his tender nibbling, which he was just following his instincts mixed with his passion along with the feeling of love that always get  filled his heart by her existence ..

And she . ..A quick learner indeed ...

She learned kiss right that moment and she roughly practiced what she learned in her rough ways …


So innocent so pure … He cant believe …


Every incident that made him madly angry at her and silently brought them closer like never depart did a quick parade in his mind ..


Hmmehh .. She moved slightly ..


Opened her eyes …with the same cute smile and a victorious face ..she saw him ..


Khushi .. Khushi are you OK …


He looked at him , pouting ..


What he had done , he kissed me like English Films .. And now he is smiling .. Making fun of me ..she was not sure she did it correctly or not , but was sure ,he was laughing on that what she thought ..

Ye sab kaisey kiseeko patah hoga … ..Lad Governor ko patha hoga … Aur kisey ..nahee tho aisa Karney Ka Himmath Thodee Karenga..


What are you thinking Khushi ..i hope you have cleared your doubts ..


Doubts …??


Yea Doubts that …you abhee Told me .. About me ..having problem or something ...


She felt completely embarrassed and pissed off , he did this just to prove …. Nothing more …


She quickly straightened .. Ha HA ..smart lad Governor , He kissed me , make me silent , exactly like in the Govinda movie … So that I could not ask him further …No Never .i am not going to leave you lad Governor ,like this ..


Nahe e… bilkul nahee .. She moved , little far away from him .. So that he cant catch her again and kiss her ..! But she want to know he is a man or not …


Hmm ?  He surprised . Did she have any clue what she want  …Her face declares blatantly how unclear she is about all these , and its consequences … and still she …


He looked deep in to her eyes .. Slightly scared and full of innocence ..


Same Eyes that conquered and locked his heart for ever for any other women , from the first moment he encountered …



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