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Chapter 4 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan


Chapter 4

Then they goes for some details and some snaps of Arvind and Naina , Khushi watch here and there try to see what Arnav was seeing , suddenly she started to feel her own house drawing room not less than a haunted set for some scary movie 'to scare her more '

TV man shouted Again ..

Ap kahee Jaaiye math 'Brak ke baad Dikayengey 'Aakir Kyun ..Akir 'Kyun Mar diya Arvind ne naian ko '

Break ke baad '.

;;;;;;;;;;;; Harpik add ;;;;;;;; hussain visits some house ;;;;;;;;;;;;

Khushi 'took a chair and pulled it towars TV , so that she could not miss a single word , she mumbled ..Humey bhee Janna hi ..El pal mey Shaitan Ek Pal mey raj kumar '

After the break

Scene shift to Naina's Old parents ..crying '

Amma , Babuji ..Khushi mumbles and cries too...

Damadji ithney Achey they ..Vo kyun Aisa kiya 'Humara naina ..akir aisey kya kiya ..ki daamadji aisey ..

Nainas mother told the reporter how he gave them money and all for her fathers losses in business and helped him to pay back his debts ..

Khushi gets thoughtful .

Police says to reporter : Arvind dikhana chahtha tha ki vo ek achey pathee hi 'so that koee us pe bilkul shak na karey '.. '

Reporter scream ..Ha Ha 'Chalak '. Arvind ' , Akir uskey Kya Majboori they ki usey pehley Naina se Shadi karna pada 'fir uskey berahmee se Murder ..janiye '..

Then .. They show Arvinds parents ' They said .Arvind could get any girl he wanted with hi s position in society , but he fellin love with her and married ..he was not ready to get married ..all he wanted is to get him married 'we don't cared about girls status and all ' .. And goes blah blah 's

Then one of Arvind's friends '

"I know him from college ///, we were never able to figure out how could a dude like him marry Naina ' , no offence ' not of his typ e..his class ..i mean 'he always hated girls ..of that type ' salwar kameez ..and ll ..behanji type s'

Then why he choose naina still remains a mystery ' may be ,.. "

:Ha Ha ..vo Mystery ke suljathey suljathey 'humara reporter ..Adesh Anweshi ' reached 'Jantha Pur ..where Arvind's father owned sugar factory ' ' Where Arvinds; life changed 'where that incident happened ..that changed ..Arvinds ..Life ' And tHat ..lead to 'Naina's murder .. "

Kahee Jaiye Math ..break Ke baad'.


So the story goes like this , Arvind Shashtri young entrepreneur in janthapur to renovate the establishment , it was in lose , and he was almost succeeded , but on that fateful day '.

They again shows some demo of what happened '

Arvind get down from the car , same in asr style ..look around the place and discuss with the executives '

He may be looking for some factory sites, some drawings ..

From some other place they show a girl's feet, wearing chappals like khushi pedalling ..and they see a cycle ridden by a girlin chamkili suit and .poms poms 'she was a mast maula types and ' having fun'

He was about to get in to his car ' the cycle come s and hits him ..in the ''


TaBash ,..


Now the reporter standing in front of hospital and shown talking to a doctor ..then turns to camera and reports '

Jeeha ..That Accident changed his life for ever ' He cant be a father '. ..He knew that '.

And Isee wajah se ..vo Shadi ke liye mana kar rahee the ee'

Agar koee ladkee of his class gets married to him his truth will be out ..

Isliye he trapped a Boli Bali Village girl '.and made her marry him bu hooka nd crook ..

Then '

And when he realized that his truth will be out ..he brutually berahmeee se '..uska Khoon Kradiya '

Jeeha ..Arvind Shastri was no more a man , that truth before Naina could say to somebody he murdered her '

Naina's post mortem reports clearly says that ..she was a Virgin '''..


Khushi's mouth wide opened ..

Jilebi she was munching dropped down from her mouth '

Aisa kya Gur rah a hi ..she heard ..Arnavs voice ..

She tilted her head slowly as if expecting to see some ghost and she saw him ..

Standing with a Knife '.Shocked..

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