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Chapter 2 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

Chapter 2
Arnav heard her moving, he quickly turns and ..went to his room ..
what he saw make him shout .."What The !! .."
Sashi's medicine have some sedation effect after he slept
As there is nothing to do precisely
, Khushi was flipping a magazine she was planning to read , then she heard Arnav shouting ..
She rushed out .. Garima had already given a hint that they would be visiting mandir , so when they got delayed she assumed they will be at Mandir only and was waiting for them .
Khushi eyes wide open seeing the site in front of her ..
"Ye Sab kya hI khushi ..."
A beautiful smile instantly crept on her face , Arnav forgot to fight , This is what he was never able to understand one moment she will be crying her heart out the next she will be smiling ever beautifully , and he dont want to cross examine it , either because it will be him only behind those tears or , he simply cant take that tears ... so not giving any second thought of it and analyse
"Arey wah ..they Done it ..I thought they would be joking .." and she said fondly ..caressed the garlands hanging down from the bed post and the rose petals on the bed , Completely decorated bed , as if for Suhag Rath ...
( i am not wasting time on Arnav's feelings , going to his dialogues straight ahead ...)
Arnav irritated "Ye Sab Kya hi Khushi .In  morning there was not enough flowers to decorate , and i had  ..and ..now ..wasting here .."
Khsuhi : " ha ha... Flowers kum pad gayee jo bacha tha ..."
reminding their rabba vey , " Vo bhee Ap gira diye ..and ..to make it Up you brought flowers ..and When Arnav Singh raizada buy something ..
Humey tho Patha Hona Chaiya tha ..Vo Poora Mohalley ke liye Jyada Padenga ... "
She said hinting his bringing plates on payals wedding and grocery for Buaji
Arnav " Yea ..Phool gir Gaya merey galthee Se ..??"
Khushi " Ha ha .."
Arnav " Oh Really ?"
Khushi" Hum Tho Kuch Kar key ..leney waley they ...Ap seedi mey chadkar ."
Arnav" Enough khushi Kumari Gupta ..You cant do anything Your own , and how can you ? Jab thuhme hud girthey phirtney se fursath nahee .."
Khushi ..felt defeated ,
Arnav points the Flowers and asks her " Whats all this ?? "
Khushi again got charged and started to adore the beauty ..
" Ap ko Acha laga ..." smiling warmly ...then look at him seeing him high ..she mumbles .."
ye sab Humney nahee kiya .."
" vo Aap bahuth flowers laye they and baki jo bacha tah after decorating the palnquin, and all  , my friends ..for fun ..to thank ..you . decorated here ...
uhney kya patha tha ..apko ..ye sab bilkul acha nahee lagenag a.. .. Hum Abhee nikal dethey hi ..."
She complained ..and cutely pouted and , reluctantly continued to remove it , but even though it was not at all bound tightly , for her fingers, it was getting really difficult in untieing , because with all her heart she dont wanted ...
Arnav could not ignore the childish glee in her eyes , he said shaking his head more for himself trying throw away the thoughts of her ..if he could ..
" Now leave it .. Mosquito net tho nahee dik raha ..let it beShocked "
and walked out .
Khushi cursed on his being incredibly unromantic , ..Hum Laad Governor Phoolon ki sej ( i think this is the word ) or Mosquito net Ka farak bhee nahee maloom ..Aur badey Aye poochney wali ..Apko Acha laga ..she mocked herself ..LOL
When she came out , she saw him talking on phone standing in the Varandah .
She twitched her lips and sat on sofa and decided to watch TV, waiting for Buaji to come.
She turned on ..the TV.
Crime Patrol type program " A Man describing how a man brutually murdered his first wife ... who is not rich ! .."
he came back after his call ended and saw her cutely sitting on sofa hugging her knees .. and staring at the screen .. He smiled inwardly and went back to room ..Khushi saw him going ...
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