Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 1 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

Chapter 1
It Has been 2 months since her wedding . Till today She dont have a Clue Why The Lad Governor , Married her ..Baring teeth smile
At first she was very keen To find out The reason , then she got herself busy in so many things , get in to so many fights ..she almost forgot ...
But today -------------------------------
Pritikas Bidaee brought back the tearful memories of her own  Wedding night , Khushi slowly retreated from the scene with tearful eyes...
Arnav was watching everything , Buaiji approached him
"Bituwa Humra Shanka devi Ko Dekha ..?"
Arnav " Nahee ..Idhar thee " he fumbles .
Garima also approaches .."Jeeji Vo Log Wait Kar Rahey hi .."
Bua" Ha ha Hum Avath hi .., turning to Arnav ..Nandini ( pritika's mother) ne mannath mang lee the , uskee shadi achey se honey se Mangal devi ke Mandir mey jakar matha teekenga ... ye Naye jodey ko Bahuth SHub Hotehee hi ..Hum ko ... Pause Karney Ka Kabhee mauka ... Pause
Tho Hum Or Garima abhi Jathey hi .."
(in short . Nandini had some mannath at Mandir which will bring good on married couples life , and Buaji and Garima want to pray teh same for Arhi and Payash )
Pooja Der rath Thak Hogee ,,thum Log Sojao ...Humra Pas Doosra key hi ... and no need to tell .. Sanka devi will take care of Sashi baguva ..
Yahee kahee hoga ..Apney Sahelion ke pass ..
Arnav nods in agreement and she leaves
Arnav's on search , found her sitting on floor lying her head on babuji's laps crying . in his room away from crowd ... Pleading ..
He was in pain , sheer pain burning his heart since he saw the gift wrap in Khush's Drawer.and what he heard was heart wrenching
Khushi " babuji ..Apney humey maaf kiya hi na ... Hum kabhee nahee chahthey they ..ki .." sob " Lekin ..babuji hum ap se dil se maafi mangthey hi ... "
to his surprise he saw Babuji trying to lift his right arm , and finally placing his palms on khsuhi's head , Khushi .hold it kisses and cries her heart out ...
Arnav stretched his arms , to put his hands on her head consoling ..then he took it back ...
Arnav turned back unable to see her tears and leaned back the wall , tears flowing down thinking of the various moments of sweetness he and Khsuhi shared and the terrace scene ...
Khushi felt two drops tears on her head she saw her babuji crying , she felt bad for what she had done ...
Shw qucikly wipes her tears and her babuji's ..Ap Math Ro babuji ..
Ab Dekhiye Sab Kuch ..teek Hua .. Arnav-ji bahuth Achey Hi ..Dekha aj Kaisey pritika ke shadi ko bachaya ...
Babuji looked at her in pain , confused ..
She understood , ha BAbuji Sab Kuch teek hi .. Vaha Sab ney hum Ko Apnaya ..Dekah Buaji bhee Humey Maaf kiya ..and ye tho ..merey Assoo hi ..Khushi ke Aasoo ... and she chirply smiled ...
And make him lay on his bed and gave him some medcine ...
Arnav heard her coming back , he quickly turns and ..went to his room ..
what he saw make him shout .."What The !! .."

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