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Chapter 12 : crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

Chapter 12
That day early morning , his last conversation with his mother
Anajli wearing the jewelry one by one ,cheerful ..smiling , his mother helping her to get ready for haldi ceremony
Her Mamma Kissed her on forehead after placing Simple Mang teeka , and said with tearful eyes ..
Going to Miss You Sweet Heart .Anjali kissed her back and she looked at Arnav , who was decorating the room with flowers and was smiling naughtily amused by his sisters and mothers emotional scene ..
Anjali pouted and then said smiling
Anajli : Mamma , merey Shadi Ke Baad AP Chotey Ke shaadi jaldee karaiye Then You people wont miss me ..
Arnav looked at her angrily , Dee ,Thum Bhee Na ..I don't like Girls ...and continue to decorate flowers on her window pane ..
Anjali pouted 'Mom why he is like this ..! ..
His mother comes and hugs him ..Pointing at the Star above sky , shining above the Dom of sheesh Mahal .. (morning star )
Hmm .. Chotey Ke liye aasman se Pari ..Ayengee .. Bilkul Vo Chamkatha Hua tharey ki Tharah ' Seedha Uske Dil mey Jagah Banalengee and ye Kithna Bhee Koshish kar lo Usko Kabhee mana Nahee kar Payengee ' Kyonki vo .Ziddi hoga, Naughty hoga,and Jiska Naak hamesha akad se ooncha and laal Hogee ..Bilkul Thuhmarey Tharah . Cuute .. , with that said she hold on the tip of his nose which was red, a gesture she always do ..
He parted away from her and rubbed his nose as if it pained ..Mom
I told You never Say me Cute ..
Chotey Thum Jithna bHee Koshish Karlo ..Akdu honey ki .thum Tho Cute hee Lagongey 'And humey bee jaldee hi apke paree Se Milney ke Liye ...
He smirked .
Ya ..if Pari , then I will consider ' But Mom .there is no pari , and in Asman .Gosh. Only Moons and Stars . And now what you are showing is not even star its venus ..a planet ...and if they fall 'ooo ..Noo
And he Laughed '
Anjali ..oh Chotey Thum Ithney Unromantic Kaisey Ho sakthey ho..
Both the ladies gets annoyed cutely and ..they all laugh
Mem Saab 'Sahib Bula Rahee Hi ..Barathee Aney Ka Samay Hogaya '.
She kissed Arnav one more time and whispered ..Pari 'when she comes don't let her go ..
Arnav smiled ..and she hurried out .
And she looked at her savior 'and fainted in his arms ..
He looked up , he saw some men , following her stood there all shocked ..
He Angrily glared at them , he understood what was happening in next moment by her torn clothes and flushed face , even though the rain was pouring them non stop he could feel the tears flowing in her eyes '
He carried her to his room
(thank You very Much Nivedita Sagiraju Of FacebOok For the Pictures)

He laid her on his bed , and was about to raise he felt her fingers clutching his collars tightly , as if the hold for her life .. Some moments he don't want to let it go , but then he saw her shivering in cold ,
He untangled it very slowly and wiped her face head with the towel , He covered her with the blanket , she is unconscious
By then he heard the knock
Manager Viraj was there , with some workers .
Sir sorry to disturb you , Voh ladkee ..we will take her ...
Arnav hold on his collars and pushed him outside ..
What the hell is this who the hell is she , and what she is doing here at this hour .. And he ordered one of the workers ..get me Aman and call the doctor
Viraj blabbeerd ' she she ' She is here for entertaining guests '
Arnavs eyes narrowed ..What??
Aman also came by then , Viraj was so scared to face Arnav's wrath and he explained Aman fearfully
Guests always asks us for entertainment know what I mean sir ..she came along with some girls of that type and I thought she is one of them , and she also ...
What ? Is this all happening in Our Hotel ?? Arnav shouted
He bought it one month before and was planning to gift to his Dee , and Last one Month Viraj was the Manger of It .Aman understood ,felt Viraj is not wrong here , because in Hotels like this it is a normal think , and he was sure that ASR also will be awared of such things but what makes him so furious now ..that Aman was confused ..he thought may be the sentiments with Sheesh Mahal making him angry
He hold on Viraj's Collar again , and shouted AR ka Kaam Karney Ka Ek Thareeka Hota hi , Mainey Thuhmey Sirf Apney Dee Ke Kahney Pe Nahee Rakha Naukaree pe , I thought You Have some Standards and ..You ''. You are Fired . He was shaking in anger ..
I am Sorry Sir ..I am Sorry ' Agey se nahee Hoga ..
Yeah Agey se Nahee Hoga 'You are fired ..I don't want a spineless to be My Manager ..
By then Doctor Arrives , and Aman tried to Calm down ASR , knowing something about his past and his connection to Sheesh Mahal .
Sir I will handle this '
Dr. stared all the men for one second and asked ..Where is the patient ..Arnav asked him to follow him and he went back to his room ..
Ok dearies don't forget like Button , and Viraj is negative or positive that you will come to know in future parts , just don't get in to any conclusion now because of the character he plays in the life Ok serial , that guy has nothing to do here , and Aman I am trying to give Aman a face 'I will post his photo here , let me see how many of u will know him , Identify the guy in pic below   
Aman :
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