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Chapter 22 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

Chapter 22
Khushi ..thum Kya kar rahee ho ...
Hum Hum ..
ha ..Thum Kya Kar Rahee Ho ..he looked in to her eyes , naughtily still powerfully .
are you really going to bathe me ..
lad governor , shameless ..
she cursed him , but she is not going to make him win easily , as always she was in to his game once again ..ready to fight
she took a deep sigh ,and hold the back end of her Sari pallu and tucked into her waist,twisted and tied her hair to a bun , got ready to do work,, surprising him of her guts and at the same time making his desires wake instantly when he got the glimpses of the milky white flat belly ,..exposed swan like neck and soft and glowing skin of her back
she took the Mug full of water , as if taking sword out of its case and thrown at him trying to bring him back to his senses ...angrily and looked at him ...
ready to fight to any extend ...
Khushieee ..he did not expected that and instantly took the full bucket of water and …
She closed her eyes tight in fear , one second , 2 second , 3 second …she was expecting the gush of water falling on her , but .. she felt warm breath on her face ..
his smell , his intoxicating manly smell mingled with the hotness of his salty sweat ..
Chalo ..You cant bear it ..he huskily whispered enjoying her reaction
She opened her eyes and looked at him Unbelievably …
Dhak Dhak Dhak ….. she touched her heart , trying to pacify its beats , and her heaving chest
he crossed his hands on his chest and stood , waiting for her to take next action ..
smirking ..
So ..he spoke ..
Ready Khushi ..
Ji ..Ji ready? ..
Ha are you ready ..
Hum ..mey …ji ..
ha..Hum tum … I thought you are here helping me to take bath … Kya ..Thumne Kya Socha ..
Ji Hum ..Ha ..She quickly gathered herself , ha ..Hum ..Ap bilkul teek Socha..
he looked at her bewildered
Ha ..Hum apko nahaney mey madath Karengey …she said confidently ..and a smile crept on her lips , he did not missed that and he was sure she definitely got some new idea, her ‘unique ideas’ out of this world , and he smelled trouble , he frowned..waiting for her next move ..
and she bent down to pick another cup of water , and he had a clear view of her cleavage and he instantly looked up, sighed .
Damn , This is not helping Man
…She dont know what effect she is causing on me , he got irked to his own body parts to the core as he felt his hardness really hard .
she was unaware of everything happening around her and was fully engrossed and was enjoying her next prank ..
and before putting the next cup he dramatically looked at his pants …
ye kya ..ap patloon pehankey nahayengey ….
…His eyes widened ,.. and her eyes was smiling , he just loved that ..her cuteness her smartness..
he shocked for one moment only then seeing her like that full of happiness and innocence he forgot everything and he smiled . her smile started to disappear ..
when he smiles ..its not good for her either
OH ..i did not thought of that …yea ..i should take it off … and hold on its waist line ..her mouth opened for full O .
he just run his hand through the strap of his pants sensuously ,and inserted two fingers at the edge and was about to pull it down , she jumped …
and  turned swiftly to get out , …and ..slipped …fell right on his arms ………….
“Rabba vey …………………” …………….
…….so much rabba Vey …….
------ and a small droplet of water fall down from his hair on her face , made them to break their trans …and she wriggled in his arms try to stand and free ..
but he hold her tight ..
whats the hurry Khushi .. Dont you want to bathe me …
Ah ..Ah ..Arnavji ….
Arnavji ..Cho ..chodiye …hummey ..Cho …….. she paused when his fingers played on her
It was heavenly , feeling the softness of her flesh of her narrow waist and he ran his fingers along her spine , she took a deep breath and hold on it …
he looked intensely at her .. he dont wanted to repeat the other nights events in bright day light as now he may not be able to save himself from her tweets
and if he hold on her like that he dont know where it will lead him , he slowly leave her wrist and took off his hands from her back
she stood still holding her breath not moving …
Khushi ..
Khushi ..mainey Thuhmey ….
hmm humey …
Kab ka Chod Diya .!
In a second all the blood on her body seems rushed to her face making it deepest shade of red ..she fluttered her eyes …
profusely blushing 
he loved every bit of it , the effect of him so evident in her shivering lips , lowered lashes , deep red cheeks even the silly tendrils falling on her face declaring flagrantly
that she …she …………….. the smile in his lips vanished … he gulped swallowing the immense pain ,  and he turned the other side …not looking at her
she felt blessed when he turned and she did not saw his expression got changed …she blushed and
and in a jerk she ran out of the bathroom and ran to her room and stood in front of the mirror panting heavily , touching her heart ..
Dhak Dhak ..Blushing ……..
she looked at her image in the Mirror …she saw her and asked herself ..
humey kya ho raha hi unke saamney ..kyun hum apney aap ko bool jathey hi …
jis insaan ney humey kaheeka nahee choda ….humara zindagee barbaad kee ..
kyun hum chahkar bhee nafrath nahee kar pa raha hi …
ek pal ko bhee jab vo humara nazar se hat jaath hi , tho dil kyun ithna bekarar hota hi ..
jab hum unse door hotha hi ..tho ithna dard kyun hota hi …
and above all ..vo ..vo humsey kyun ithna nafrath kartha hi ..
the last question was most painful and tears rolled on her cheeks …
The day she met him first was not all pleasant ,
It was her jeeji's wedding and It was finally finalized after a lots of Bargaining on dahej , manish raj really liked Payal and just because of that he was ready to do some adjustments
That they need to pay the money only one day before wedding not before 2 weeks as his parents wanted
..and he convinced his parents .
still , her father was not able to arrange money they demanded ..
he is so proud that he was not willing to sell the house of Khushi , Khushi was adopted Daughter of Shashi gupta ..after her parents death
Sashi and Garimas loved and cared her so much that they never let her feel that she is an orphan ,she dont remember much of her days in that house , sadly , she was only 7 when  all that tragedy had happened
Still Shashi know how much it is meant for her ..her Dead parents house ..Her only memory associated with them 
Though they never mentioned she cant forget what Shashi had done for her
So it was solely her decision to sell it , she cant see her father in tension for money
Today she has to do something for her father .
She took the Papers of her House which was with her only , and went to a pawnbroker alone .
Payal tried to stop her , But she told Jeeji at least she need to do this .I will make everything all right trust me ..
and she kissed her and went out , Payal know she cant stop her now ..she smiled through tears seeing her sisters love

She mortgaged the papers of her house and still she did not get money she needed ..2 lakhs ..thats what she needed
Dowry was 5 lakhs .. Shashi was able to make 3 lakhs only ,selling his sweet shop ,They still had another option , lend money from Shyam , Their family friend and paying guest . Advocate Shyam very nice and Polite Person more over an Orphan like Khushi, thats what they know about him  . Shyam was like family, he offered whole 5 lakhs ..and Garima and Buaji was happy ..But Shashi declined … he is thinking its not right and she knows her father is always right

Its an old house beti , no use , not even could be given for rent ,
Lalaji is right , she knows
Shyamji wanted to take that house for rent , but the condition was very bad not rentable , Shashi explained , still Shyamji needed that house only , because he did not had any other option , and feeling he is a good man , Buaji asked Shshi to offer him a ‘paying guest option which he accepted .
so i can give you value of land only …i am really sorry ..
she came back from her thoughts
after all i too have to run my business
Lalaji isa good man , she knows him from her child hood , he used to buy sweets from their shop
And he handed over 1.75 lakhs .., she needed 2 lacks ..
she nodded sadly
and i want to remind you dear , if it is not paid bakc on time , ie within one year time , i have to confiscate the property and Government actions will be taken ..Ok ?
taking her signs on paper he reminded her  ,

Khushi was least bothered , she was ready to sell the land , but sale was not possible in one night then somebody advised her of mortgaging ..and she did ..
Now she can work hard and get back her Home .

25000 less but , Manish ji se ..baath karkey .. Teek kar sakthey hi ..
Ye paisa hum uhney Hud dethey hi and …talk about the money
It was her simple Plan ..
She stood there , at the gate of Sheesh Mahal .., It looked so familiar , she has seen it many times when she was on her scooty , every time she felt it she has seen somewhere , but then its normal , she is from the same city ..she ignored that weird feelings
But standing in front of it at night ..it was 6.30 but it seems already very late , because the sky was clouded ..
She felt she know this place and the same haunting dreams again came to her mind ..But ..she ignored , because that dreams comes to her mind whenever she is scared not happy, upset  , or that dream of the night she lost her parents comes and scares her ..
But she don’t have time for that today its her Jeeji's wedding and she has to act very fast ..
She entered the mansion , then at reception she was asking for manish ..But they were not cooperative
as they are busy with their boses sudden visit
Hi devi Mayya Vo Kadoos bose ko bhee Aj hee Ana tha …She cursed the boss

A Familiar but very sad voice greeted her ..
Khushiji ..aj aja …Payal ki shaadi hi and ..ap yaha ….
She turned ..Viraj-Bhayya ..payals senior in college ..
Thank god …
Viraj Bhayya ., Humey Jeejaji  se milna …oh … Ha ..Ap yaha Kaam kartha hi  Shyamji had told us
Viraj is Shyam’s distant relative .She knows , Viraj came to their house many times to see Shyam
Viraj Bhayya will you help me to find Manishji’s room , i am Here to give him the money …ap tho janthey hi na Sab Kuch … she asked him sadly

( Ok now little ride to past , khushi’s past untill she meets Arnav at his Office for the second time )
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