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Chapter 19 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan

Chapter 19

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Arman felt really pissed off by Dr.Shashank's Decision , since he caught the couples , we are married he must understand, whats the big deal , making out in the changing room on their night duty day .
After that he put orders that no couples should get night duties together ! ..Karoos Sasur
Last 1 week when it was his ,he got himself busy in the wards and successfully and very easily managed his nights without his loving wife Riddima , This week Riddima's Turn and now he is feeling the real torture ..
All night looking at the king Size bed and thinking about Riddima laying there .. In her ..or sometimes '
Deep sigh!
{ Hey Guys Dr.Riddima got little role In Future Tell You Want Shipa or Jennifer ?
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He hold the thoughts and turned the channel .. To WWF and he felt him self pounding on Dr.Shashanks chest like the man on TV ..

Then his phone Ring ..he thought , wished to hear his cute wifes sweet voice at least , instead saw Arnav Raizada , one of his Kadoos Patients name ..instead ..

What Happened to him Now ..What Else Sugar Down again ..

Insaan When treat life with this much roughness , What else will happen other than Sugar getting down .. There is nothing sweet in his life Idiot ..He thought

Yes Mr.Raizada .
They were together at school,They were not great buddy's But they met occassionally on Sports Events , Arnav Played Cricket and Tennise,Arman was FootBall Player. That time itself Arman found Arnav little weird reserved ,not of his type , but when he met after 7 years ,
Nice to Meet You Mr .Arman Mallik ..was Arnavs response with a polished Handshake .. Like ..He doing some business instead of meeting his old School mate..Robot!
He sounded like Dr.Shashank ..eek
. They are Nowadays Gym Buddies ., "Buddies" according to Arman , But .. Arman had given up the attempt of making Arnav a 'normal' 'human' 'friendly' 'person' '

Dr' My Wife is Unconscious .. , she is not waking.up ...

Thats Interesting , he want to wake his wife up at this hour ... spicy ...Oh SO this Guy .married ..Oh Ya ..The controversial marriage , Arman heard about it from riddimas Gossip session , and ..wow ..Ithna jaldee ' Oh yea ..May be because of that , that marriage 'I got it ..Riddima will be happy she likes this kinds of news and I want her to be happy '

Exactly how many days since she missed her periods ..

What ! ..Arnav is well aware of women and their periods '' he studied it ! In his 12th Ouch

Well a doctor is asking , may be ..its important Dead

I don't know .

WHAT !What You don't Know ?? Is she your wife only right ??
Arnav took receiver away from his ears , why the doctor is shouting , i am supposed to know .. eek ..But .something serious ... Oh ..
..why we need ..i will bring her hospital right now ..l ...I ..really dont know
Holly ! ...How come..OMG this guy is impossible , Arman Thought .. then told
I want To know is she Pregnant or something ..Did she tell you ...anything of ..

OH No .SHE IS NOT 'SHE WONT .. Now Arnav almost yelled Back ...
Why she cant, does she have any other complications .. Is she on some medication

OH No ..Nothing like that ..actually ..we never ..

Hmm OK ...Yea ..
As i Expected ..Robot ..Arman Thought.
Yes he is hopeless case why I am asking that to a robotic psycho , ..omg ..is he really? and he done something to the poor girl ..Armans voice got harsher .. Arman the Dude Protector of Abla Naaries ..
Tell me exactly what happened ' OK ..Arnav ..are you there ..
Yes ..Doctor ..its ..
That's something fishy , why he is fumbling very much unlike him ..
You want to send an ambulance , is she bleeding ..
Oh No .. NO ..

Then tell me Mr.Raizada ..i want to know what exactly happened ..otherwise how would
He started ..I I I kissed her , 'gulped thinkingCry
What ...Arman smiled Wink, May be the poor girl might got unconscious receiving kiss from robot ..LOL
Beta Arman thank god , Now this night does not seems that boring .Big smile.

And .. He tried hard not to laugh and maintain the toughness in his voice .
Arnav's guilted voice
And then ..we wer ..about to .. Have ..we made out ..and then ... We are about to ..
Have sex ? Arman cant hold his excitement in his favourite topic
Yea .. Something like that ..Confused
What on earth something like Sex ..! Gosh this man is impossible! ..Oh ..Arman ..something like sex .Wink.hmm .. Yea ..yea Embarrassed..WowShocked .. Impressive . , heard he was in abroad for .., may be done masters in .. Hey ..never ..Arnav is like me in some matters Smile..,thats i why i like him .Still . So Arnav is not the dumpass like I thought ..hmm well done dude .. Should i ask and learn what is that something Like ... hmm ..But ..
Ok ..You .. Now Dr.Arman got deficit in words., Then ..hmm this guy dont have a clue about even his wifes periods ..then how ..Oh yea ..Bingo!
You tried to please her and she... sweated ..then , shivered ..
Yes yes Exactly ..Arnav said excitedly ..And she fell back , and after i came from bathroom , i thought she was sleeping .. but then ..
Arman hold on his stomoch tight and grit his teeth not to let out any laugh
he rolled on the bed ...holding the phone ..
Somehow he was able to say ..
Don't worry , its just after hitting ..Orgasm and may be she just passed out .Try Again Once she wake Up ..I mean ..Oh ... If possible try to googleLOL .She will wake up after a sleep ..then ..Try tomarrow ...ROFL.and he disconnected the call and continue rolling on the bed ..laughing out like mad 'Silly
Oh ..Arnav thought for some seconds for his idiocy then .smiled shyly '..
Thank god Khushi Is Sleeping Otherwise ...
And went back to bed , and kissed her forehead and hugged her softly and slept peacefully thinking about the innocent soul in his arms ..


He was sleeping peacefully , a beautiful peace he is feeling after coming to Gupta house , away from all his burdens .. Staying Under same roof with someone who devastated your whole world in one second was not at all easy ..
A sweet smile was still lingering on his lips ..
Khushi looked at him worriedly ..she wanted to enjoy the sweet smile , but right now her mind was full of doubts , sanka devi '
What had happened . ? Did we ..? Yes ..we did ...she was sure according to her knowledge from what she had seen on TV , Then what if I get Pregnant ? And ..after Six Months .. ? .. OK .Having a.Baby is good , Bilkul Arnavji Jaisa with that cute smile , .. , she smiled one second .Its rare But beautiful ... and ...But what if he ask about His Dad .. Like in the movies ..And will lad Governor accept him '
She saw herself old , and her hairs gray '
And a dabaroo NauJawan ..Amitab Bachan is Asking her '

Maa ..Mera Baap kaun hi '
Us Laard Governor se Apka Rishta Kya hi ...

She hold on her both ears and screamed like in old hindi films

Nahee nahee ..

He instantly got up , Khushi ..Kya Hua ..what happened

After the initial shock she seems composed , she looked at him ..

She is Ok , he felt ..Yet another her crazy attacks

Seems she had her bath ..she was looking at him ..and so innocently 'asked him ..

Kal rath Kya hua ..?? His eyes widened , ..What ?? She don't know ..!

She too Don't know 'Like me ' and ..O God 'how hard it was to explain to Dr.Arman ..and

How on earth I am going to explain her ..these things ..

Boliye Kal Rath Ap ney kya Kiya Humarey Saath ..

He like always put an angry face and tried to ignore ..

Ab Mujse Kyun Pooch Rahee ho ..you were only admant , forcing me to make me prove man or not ..

And now blaming me ..

He was changing in his gym clothes , tieing shoes not facing her , as if ..nothing had happened , or whatever happened had nothing to do with him ..

Khushi looked at him 'her eyes teary and seems burn him in its fire ..

Tho ..Apko Kuch farak nahee pAdtha ..

Nahee ..he stood up avoiding her , trying to hold his laugh turning other side , Jab Mujey Hud Patha nahee tha Kya hua , and how on earth i am going to explain to you ..and even if i explain you are not going to understand ... he thought

Apney kuch Socha hi . Apkey 6 maheeney ke baad what will happen ..

Kya ..he looked at her , now in between all this why this 6 months come lest he knew about the najaiz
Angry young Amitab Bachan 'singing tally merey anganey mey ' asking questions in her thoughts ..

(ok those who are not familiar with amitab bachan old movies ..just google film lawaris for the complete effect , and who are free can watch movie here , its good if u are person who enjoys amitji's old dramas ..

She looked at him sarcastically ..ya 'Kuch Nahee

And decided that moment she willa lone rise that unborn kid in her to Dabaroo nau Jawan and make him take revenge on the Cruel Lard Governor .. Ma Ki ek ek Aasoo Ka Badla mera Beta lenga ..Lard Governor '. ( ok she was making faces of sad , then anger then victory then satisfaction)

What the .. Seeing her expressions changes

And shook his head and went out for Jogging '
Ok how is this Part '.
You enjoyed khushi's Unborn Lawaris Amitab Bachan ready to take revenge ..
Ok its a very long update ..lol i started to type it from yesterday ..how is it ..
i am waiting for your response ..
New Character Introduction
Dr. Arman Malik and Dr.Riddima Malik
Arman and Riddima even being entirely different tasted persons, they are together now as couples Married , (Arman want to say it in Bold ..!! )... with immense love for each other .And to be together they suffered a Lot , But their love succeeded finally ,in spite of objection from Riddimas father Shashank They married , but continue to work in Sanjeevani Hospital as Riddima wants to do it ..She is waiting for the Day her father forgive her and accept their relation ..
Photos will be Added here ..Whom You want Shilpa or Jennifer
Mahority wins
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They Dont Have Much role ..but They are Essential ..Time To time Wink


  1. Loved asr s expression after calling arman. Lolz. Khusi ks filmy sapnaa ha ha ha aha haaa. U r great.

  2. Hey Dear Friends I Can See So many of You Are reading in Blog , then Whya re you not commenting ..not even say ..its good or bad ..??

    It Takes me 3 Hours to write an Update and You guys cant even spend 2 mins in reply .. think about it

  3. nice and interesting.......
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