Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 3 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan


Chapter 3
The man in The TV shouted out ..

" Aaakir .. Arvind ne Naina ko Kyun mara '.Naina boli bali ' Chanchal haseen '. Vo Kuch maheeney pehley , UP ke ek chotey shahar mey Apney sahelion ke saath , chanchanathi has kar masti kar rahee thee 'Thab vo socha tha ' Ki is Bhayanak Andh Usey Dekney Padengey '

Naina aaj Humarey Beech mey Nahee hi ' lekin uskey tazey Yodon ke Saath uskee Saheli Rano ..


Jee Ha '. Vahee rano ' Jiskey rokey mey ..Arvind pehli bar Naina ko dekha tha ''.."

Khushi thought of her Deedi's engagement and how she caught Arnav Staring at her '

One moment she lost in memories ..then ..TV ..

Now Rano on screen talking to reporter ..

" Naina ..kabhee bhee ek Amir Ladkey ko shadi karney ka soch bhee nahee sakthee the 'Shayad Arvind je bhe ye janthey they 'isliye ..Vo Humesha chotey chotey jo Khushiya naina ko pasand tha ..vo karthey they .. ..jaisey'

Kamom mey Uska Haath batana ' , jab naina dance karthey karthey girney valey they 'Arnvind jee hee akey usko bachaya '.."

Khushi thought of various times Arnav catching her and rabba veys '

"now rano smiles ' Ek bar ..Arvind ji ..Naia ko Jhumke Bhee Gift kiye '.."

Kya Choodiya ,'Khushi screamed '

Reported asked 'Jhumkey '.

Rano repeats ha Jhumkey '"

Khushi also repeats biting her nails and scared face .."ha ha ..choodiyam .."

Then she felt really scary and she want to munch something , within minutes from somewhere she got a sweet box and started to nibble Jilebis

"rano continued in televison ' Fir bhee naina Shadi Karney ke barey mey Soch bhee Nahee sakthee the ..Then ..Arvind jee .. Asked her to marry him ,but she was confused .She thought its not right time to get married as her family in huge debt .Her father already borrowed money from Arvindji's family too, and Arvindji started to threaten her if she do not marry him he will send her father jail for money "

Reporter so Naina Arvind ko Pasand Nahee Karthe they 'Unkee Shadi Jabardastee Huee the '

Khushi started to eat , no devour is the word faster '

Rano .Nahee vo Pasand Karthee thee lekin usko Yakeen nahee Ho Raha tha ..Ki Ithna Bada Ghar ke ..Arvindji Jaisa Admi ..akir Usmey 'Shadi ithna jaldee kiya gaya ki mujey Bhee Nyotha nhaee becha ..

Apney Apki saheli's poocha nahee ..

Ha poocha ..lekin Usney kaha Jaldee mey Mandir mey shaadi huee .and .all ..bahuth Sehmee sehmee lag arhee thee '

Uske bad hum dono mey baath hee nahee ho payee '

Shaadi ..mandir mey ..Khsuhi almost cries ..scared..

Reporter ..Hum Apko dikayengey ..23 february 2011 ke raath ko kya hua tha '. Chamelipur mey ..

Naina ke Usee Ghar mey Jaha ..Vo Hasee kheli badee huee hi '. Us raath '..

She sees a chakoo on TV ..she jumps in the couch ..and that chakoo ..moves slower to a girl very beautiful , sleeping peacefully on bed ' and then the knife up in the air and

A slash ..a Scream 'blood droplets spread on the floor '

Hum Abhee DSP Sunil Sharma se bath Karenegy jo iska Investigation kiya '.reporter asks ..

Arvind shadi ke 3 maheeney baadh nanina ..murder kiya ' ..ap kuch batha sakthey hi ..ki ..in theen maheeno mey un dono ke beech kuch problems '.

Dekhiye ..ye baley hee theen maheeno ka lag raha hi ..lekin Arvind Shastri iska plan bahuth pehley see kar raha tha '. It was a planned brutual murder '

Tho ..kyun nahee kiya ..theen amheeney vo uskey ghar mey they ..thab kyiun nahee ..why he choose her to murder on her own house not in his '

Dekiye ki mainey pehley kaha ye ek planned murder hi ..if he do it in his house 'people will doubt him ..

Shak seedha uspe jayenga ..isliye vo ..naina ke ghar aye ..naina ke cousin ki shadi dee ..and ..murdered her and tried to make it as a robbery attempt .

ek galthee usney kar baitee ..to make it more reliable .. he reported a roobery a few days before ... so that when this happen it could also be counted in robbery attempt ...for jwellery ...
police ney phir socha ..they why havent .. the theifs took jwellery .. when they theft his watch ...
Reporter ..Watch ??
Police ..: yes Watchc ..he reported ...his expensive Gadee choree huee ...
Khsushi mumbled ..gadee nahee gadeee ...
next part ...
soon ...

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