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Chapter 10 : Crazy Sundari Cute Shaitan

Chapter 10
That day also …
He slowly retreated to the Bathroom and stood below the shower turned on … The water flowing down his body ..trying to extinguish the fire in him .. That was not of lust .or desire …but sheer pain ..
Pain of love ..
A love that he cant acknowledge , and it is deep down much ..that he can not even ignore ...
He can not forget the rainy night ..They met
Arnav Sighed … Yes That Night , She laid in front of him then unconscious , the whole night he took care of her ..She had high fever .. He closed his eyes ..And his memories flew back to the day he first met her
Six Months back : Anjali's birthday was on the next day ..Before going to sleep Nani told Arnav that Anjali wants him to ask . What she wanted as gift .. So he understood something he cant imagine may be her wish ...So in the morning .
Dee Apko Birthday gift Kya Chahiye ..
He bent down and tied anjali's shoes … which she was trying to tie ..
Di you could have called me …
She ran her fingers in his hair , a gesture she always do and he always show he don't like
Dee , he got irritated and ..made it Ok Again ..
Bol dejiye Anajli bitiya ./If you don't tell him he is going to buy all those things he feels you will like ..
Nani told Anjali Knowing Arnav very well .
Arnav looked at nani , slight smile ..touching his lips
Arnav rarely smiles , and For Anjali his smile is everything
Ya I know nani ..Chotey Is bar I don't want any gift .. I want you to come with me some place , Anjali bit her lips waiting for his reaction ..
Sighed ..Ok dee ..Which Mandir ..But I am telling you don't choose the one with lots of steps to reach .
Anyways , I am going to carry you till up and you cant stop me ..cribbing, people making fun and all , No matter what I wont let you strain with your feet.. …So Choice is yours …
He sat down with his coffee ..
Ha ha Chotey I know , she remembered their last visit to a Mandir with some steps to reach, Arnav dropped her and was about to leave he saw her struggling with saree and her braced legs , without giving a damn care to all her protest he carried her and even children were laughing ..seeing him carrying her
Ha hA chotey I know ..Is bar ..humey ..she stopped ..
Mana Math Karna …
He gave her look .., as if when did I ever do that ?
Without wasting time she said " Humey Lucknow mey humara Kul Devi Ka Mandir jana hi sheesh mehal ..Vaha ka mandir mey bilkul seediyam .bhee .."
Nani excitedly smiled and added "Kyin hogey …Boliye ..Jab ap Chotey they Thab daily pooja ke Khathir tho Banaya apkey papa ney . Ap se vo behad pyar jo karthey hi vo ...Seediya nahee banayee ki Ap humesha Seediyon se ...,.."
Everyone's face got pale ,Arnav instantly stood up ..Anjali strained to stand ..Chotey Humney pehley bhee kaha mana math kahna fir bhee thum ko pasand nahee to ..Hum Sheesh mahal mey Bhee Tahar Saktheyhi … Vo Ab Chaachaji resort banaya ..
He walked away ..without telling , pressing some buttons on cell.
Anajli shouted behind him .>" Chote Naraz math hoiye ..I m sorry …Ap "
He stopped at the stairs and without turning back on his mobile he said .. "ya Aman book the Tickets for Lucknow . and …. Ya .Arrange Our stay at Sheesh Mahal .. Ya … Ya … The Same one … Make It Today Itself ..Ok .
Anjali Excited .. , she was not able to control her happiness and her trait behind Arnav staggered Akash watching her , hold her before she falls dee Sambal key .., and Arnav too ran fast and caught her on the other hand
Dee .. Be careful
She kissed Arnav's cheeks ..
Dee ..he embarrassed ..
Hum na Ab Unko bhee bathathey hi … she took her phone ..and walked away .
Arnav and Akash smiled seeing their sisters happiness …
Akash ..bhaee …he hesitated ..
Hum Kya Hua Akash ..
Akash took the kerchief from his pocket and wiped the lip gloss on Arnavs Cheeks ..
Arnav got angry .and then shied and smiled
Bhai kal Ap Log ..
Kal Apko Koee Meeting . Natasha was telling . Of That Resort Deal ..
( Natasha is Akash secretary)
Yes Akash Its there only .. Sheesh Mahal
Bhai .. Akash Surprised
Aranv turned to him .It is her surprise gift I was planning for this year .. and patted his shoulders and went Back to his Den
Akash smiled , thinking about the bond between Arnav and Dee ..
LuckNow ..
After dinner he bid goodnight to Anjali , both were in emotional turmoil and was not able to speak , neither nani nor Akash none Joined with Them , because they know their presence only make it more painful for the siblings , who had gone through every sad things happened over there 12 years back , and she headed to her room , the same one she used to use as her own when they were there ..and Arnav to his .
On his sisters wedding day everybody was happy and his mother , tensed and super excited , she was literally running around all the mahal take caring every guest .., Barath came and Arnav with other kids was watching it from the first floor ..then he saw a woman coming in front from the crowd
Wearing not so expensive dress …not so old , but very much younger than his mother , and a little girl with scared eyes was with her , she clutched the pallu of the woman she was with ….
But the woman seems so angry and was in great anger .
(Pic Credits : Nivedita Sagiraju of FB , Thank You Dear)
Without giving a Damn Care of situation she came in front and asked something to his father ..Then grooms Father interfered ..
She told something to Groom's father Pointing Arnav's Father ..., He Stared at Arnavs father who was there to receive the Barathi along with his mother ..His mother seems shocked , she looked at his father in shock then ran back to haveli ..crying .Arnav's father tried to stop her , but she was already away . Arnav's father try to reason with Groooms father and confront woman , By then his Chacha came in front and caught her with some men and took her away from the scene.
( Ok its about Arnav's Past . ,How Does Khushi Related to his past ..? For that you have to wait ..
Is it going interesting please tell me if I am boring you … Next Part You will know How Arnav first met her … ..and was it love at First sight or hatred ..??
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Ok I started it funny but its getting little serious ..
Baath ye hi ki ..i am trying to copy CVs style Wink..LOL ..
Sometimes they show Crap ComediesLOL then ..Heart capturing Intense Episodes Like YesterdaysTongue ..OK
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