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Chapter 16 : Crazy Sundari and Cute Shaitan


Chapter 16

Jeeji ..jeeji ..hum '. 

Anajli looked at her slowly touched her face and stroked gently , patted her cheeks ..

Khushiji ..Khushiji ..


Khushi instanly hold anajli's hands and wept ..Jeeji ..I promise . I will make everything Ok 'And kissed it , then she opened her eyes '


She got shocked seeing Anajli and ..then she looked around and tried to register where she is ..


Then She sat , but seeing  Anajali and other women , ladies only , she was far more relieved and asked .. exactly like what he felt for her .


Hum Hum ..Kaha hi ..


Anajli hold her hands tight , and Said ..Dont worry  nothing to Panic.. I am Anajli Jha .. , You are at Our Hotel , and you are completely safe ..


And don't worry Chotey Informed Your parents that you are here , and We already made arrangements to send you back safe ok ..

But now you are very tired I want you to have your Break fast first

And . She placed the tray ..

all in one go , with a wide grin that captures the listeners heartby its sincerity .. The Sindoor Mangalsutra and her beautiful queen like looks  just added a gaurantee to every word she spoke ..

Khushi ..Was trying to Understand the situation , Where am I ? She looked at the Aristrocratic lady in front of her and..Then thought about Yesterdays incidents ' She remembered chased by Some Bad Guys and then ' Then ..she fell and 'and ' The Arrogant man ..Who took off my .clothes '
And ..she once again looked her dress frantically and 'touching it pulling it ..


Anjali smiled .. Ya , this does not fits you properly , This was only I could arrange at that hour ..and you were unconscious so ,to change it I thought little loose will be better 

Jeee ''Humarey kapadey ..tho tho ..apney


Anajli smiled , she thought of Khushi asking for her own dress she wore before  ,


Don't worry , Your clothes are here , It was all drenched so I gave it to laundry ..Did you get it ?she asked one of her assistants ,

Yes Madam and she brought the dress '


Khushi .looked at it , its clean and pressed ..

That means yesterday Night , it was not ..him ' then who is he .. Still seeing her worried face Anajli asked ok ..

You can get fresh and change if you want and change '

Then we will have our breakfast ..ok ..


Let me inform chotey that you are awake ..he was really worried for you .. I will ask him to join us for breakfast then ..


Ye Chotey ?? Khushi thought and went to bathroom nearby ..

It was filled with some masculine  familiar scent so alluring so familiar and she felt so much liking it, Khushi tried to remember things ..



That means I am safe , this lady here changed my clothes and that arrogant man was just happen to be here , may be her relative .. Or .. And I slapped Him 'Unnecessarily ..he was innocent . She instantly remembered


And started to curse , forgetting the words he spoke and how arrogant he was ,and the argument between them ..., she cursed herself for Slapping him for nothing .. He did not touched me ..and I Slapped him ..

He is the one saved me .. She remembered him catching her '


And I Slapped him ..



Khushiji , chotey is busy ..lets have break fast


Nahee nahee ..


Anjali  ..


Anjaliji ..Humey Jana chahiye 'Humara Amma babuji ..and ..she started to worry about her jeeji and her Shadi ..and cried ..


Anjali understood .. Hum Samaj Sakthey hi ..lekin ..Sochiye ..Everything for Good only , god has plan for everybody , and I Know someone whose marriage was also broken right at the Mandap ' she indulged in some thoughts for some moments '



God has thought something else for her ,, and God gave her worlds best Husband , bestest husband and know ..She is the happiest now '

Patha hi APko Bhagvan ne Kuch aur hee socha tha Unkey Liye ' And Uhney Bhagwan jee ne ..Duniya ke Sabse Acha Pathy dee hi ..and Vo aj bahuth khush hi  and she smiled ..cheerfully ..


Khushi was listening her carefully ..

And Anjali hugged Khushi and told '


And ..Unka naam Anjali hi ..

Khushi too cant stop smiling through tears .., she felt so full with the happiness that Anjali .carried ..


And then they became very good friends before they finish their breakfast


But then Anajlis Phone rang ..


Ji panditji ..ap ..nahee ..apko hum sab likkey diya tha  ...SumangaleePooja (Ok Friends I am not aPoojari or don't know anything ..Its some XYZ pooja for the sake of the husbands LongLife Ok .. ) 'Oh You lost ..ab ..Ok '

Hum ..Oh Muhurath ..beeth jayenga ..lekin hum ab busy '


Anajliji ..


By then Khsuhi understood its her birthdaya nd she is busy with poojas and all ..


Anjaliji .i am fine ..hum hud chaley jayengey apko thaklef ..karney kee koee .


Nahee Khushiji ..Hum


Nahee Anjaliji muhurath bahuth Important hi Sumangalee pooja ke liye ..Ap jaiye ..hum bilkul teek hi and she stood and showed how ok she is ..with small Upand down jumps


Anajli smiled her childish gestures ..and thought she is really cute


Ok ..Hum chotey se kahengey .Apko chod Deney ke liye


Nahee ..


No more excuse ..So finally Anjali has to go .. She smiled inwardly , Khushiji is so Ziddi , Just Like chotey .. or more than him ..



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